2 Pack Coconut Opener Tool Set with 4 Reusable Straws & Brush, Food Grade Stainless Steel Coco Nut Bottle Opener for Young Thai Green Fresh Coconut Water, Safe and Convenient Coco Drill Punch Tool

Price: £54.05
(as of Oct 07,2022 04:07:14 UTC – Details)

Included in Package:

2 x Food Grade Stainless Steel Coconut Opener

4 x Stainless Steel Reusable Straws

1 x Straw Cleaning Brush

1 x Cloth Carry Bag

Never Struggle To Crack a Coconut Again!

Are you ready to enjoy the super-healthy coconut water whenever and however you like? NinGWin brings you the easiest coconut opener tool, even your grandma can use it without a problem.

This is a safe way to open green coconuts. No knife, no scimitar, no electric drill, no hammer! Very suitable for parties, bars, restaurants, houses, offices, desert islands, boats, hot air balloons, etc.

Reap all the benefits fresh, raw coconut water have to offer without energy-consuming opening and processing!

How to Use
(for green husk coconut):

1. Pop the top off coconut, taking care not to do hold your hand against tool`s way. Be sure to point the device against the coconut where is resting on the table and place your hand on top of the coconut in a place that will not hurt.

2. Push coconut opener tool in the softest surface of coconut after pop top off. Then you don`t need strength.

3. Twist it and remove coconut part. It will be like taking off the cork from a bottle of wine. Easy!

4. Just enjoy the healthy coconut water!

(for white/peeled young coconut):

1. White coconut sold in supermarkets is prepared to be opened by the part where there is a tip. Turn the young coconut upside down.

2. Focus on the central part of this other surface which is flat.

3. Just be sure to force the center of the opposite surface at the same time you twist it! This area is smooth, the difference between green husk coconut is that it is peeled!

4. Just enjoy the healthy coconut water!

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