Easter can symbolize spring, fresh starts, and discovery.  Celebrating Easter with an Easter basket is a long-standing tradition for many families that is really fun! We have ideas for every age of things your kids will love!

Easter baskets can be a way for families to spend quality time together. Older kids may enjoy helping to prepare and decorate the baskets, or hiding them for younger siblings. For many families, giving and receiving Easter baskets is a long-standing tradition that continues into the teenage years and beyond. Older kids may enjoy being a part of this tradition and feeling connected to their family and community.

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Easter Basket Ideas Ages 2-4

Young kids love surprises and discovering new things, and an Easter basket filled with small toys and goodies can provide just that. It is also fun to include special treats that toddlers don’t get to have every day making it even more special.

Easter Basket Ideas Ages 5-8

Many families hide Easter baskets for their kids to find, turning the experience into a fun scavenger hunt. Kids love the challenge of searching for their basket and discovering the surprises inside.

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Easter Basket Ideas Ages 9-12

Just like younger kids, older kids look forward to receiving special Easter-themed treats like chocolate eggs, marshmallow peeps, and jelly beans. They may also appreciate more sophisticated treats, such as artisanal chocolates or gourmet snacks.

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Easter Basket Ideas Ages 13+

Easter baskets can contain thoughtful and personalized gifts that are tailored to a teen’s interests and hobbies. A sports-loving teen might enjoy a basket filled with athletic gear or a book on their favorite athlete, and an art-loving teen might enjoy a basket with new art supplies.

More Easter Celebration Ideas

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