Air Fryer Reusable Liner Accessories for Ninja Foodi Grill AG301 5-in-1 4qt Ninja Air Fryer Accessories with Air Fryer Recipes, Easy to Clean, Food Safe Replacement for Parchment Paper by INFRAOVENS

Price: £24.16
(as of Oct 06,2022 18:02:39 UTC – Details)

1 x grill mat, 1 x perforated mat, 1 x mesh mat.
MAKE CLEAN-UP A BREEZE – The perforated mat allows air to circulate evenly while keeping your basket clean, protecting it from grease, oil and sticky food residue that would be otherwise hard to remove.
PROTECT YOUR AIR FRYER – Protect the bottom of your air fryer basket, rack or pans by preventing sticky residue.
ALL LINERS ARE REUSABLE AND DISHWASHER SAFE – Make your favorite foods knowing that you can simply place the mats in the dishwasher afterwards, making clean-up easier.
IMPORTANT – Never preheat your air fryer with the reusable mats alone inside. Always place enough food on top to weigh the mats down to prevent them from flying into the hot element.

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