AquaBliss HD Multi Stage Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge – 48x Heavy Duty Detox Power. Kiss Itching, Breakage & Dullness Goodbye. Reduce Rust, Chemicals, Chlorine, Toxins. SFC500 Filter Cartridge

Price: £38.48 - £37.49
(as of Nov 27,2022 17:16:26 UTC – Details)

How Clean is Your Water…Really?Isn’t It Worth Investing 60 Seconds to Swap This Out?48% Denser Medium 48x Heavy Duty Filtration PowerNothing Else ComparesReduce the Cascade of “Yuck”To Give Your Beauty a Fighting ChanceDare to CompareHow Much Will Your Aquabliss Filter Replacement Save You?Just Because It Looks Clean. Doesn’t Mean It IS Clean.They Put Chemicals in To Clean It.We Take Chemicals Out So You Thrive. 48% Denser Filtration Medium Means 48x Heavy Duty PowerSo Easy to Install60 Seconds to Refreshingly Clean WaterYou Wouldn’t Drink This…So Why Would You Bathe in ItAquabliss – Superior Filtration for a Superior Clean
So Easy to Replace – 60 Second Swap Out: Simply open up your shower head water filter, easily pop out your used filter for shower head and pop in your new water filter. You’re ready to indulge in the clean, clear, refreshing shower you enjoy, without everyone elses pipe build up running over your skin. Replenishing bliss, in under a minute.
The HD Shower Purifier Filter Head – Now Even More Powerful – 48% Denser Media: Cleverly engineered to maximize the space with 48% more shower media, this is the water shower filter to get if you want to reduce the chemicals, toxins and environmental factors that do damage to your scalp, hair, nails and skin.
Give Your Beauty a Fighting Chance – Hair, Skin & Nails: From big cities to tiny towns to your own personal well, recent water tests reveal an abundance of ‘yuck’ that dries out your skin, weakens your nails, and fries your hair. Replacing your Aquabliss SF500 filter medium gives your body a fighting chance – removing the yuck to support your naturally regenerative beauty cycle.
Long Lasting – 6 Months for a Family of Four: Thank you for trusting us with your families health and happiness. We guarantee you’ll absolutely love how your hair, skin and nails feel cleaner, stronger, and healthier or your money back – no questions asked. We’re that confident you’ll love your Aquabliss replacement cartridge as much as you loved your first! #1 Filters. #6 Months Supply.

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