AROMISTICO | Rich Aroma Swiss Water DECAF| 1Kg Whole COFFEE BEANS | FIRENZE BLEND | French Press Cafetiere, Espresso, Moka, Filter Drip | FULL BODIED, LIGHTLY SPICY &COCOA-Like| Naturally decaf (1 Kg)

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1 Kg ITALIAN ARTISAN GOURMET HAND ROASTED WHOLE COFFEE BEANS, ROASTED IN IN SMALL BATCHES IN LAKE GARDA, ITALY – @Aromistico is a proud artisan producer member of The Guild of Fine Food / Buying a coffee gift? You can gift wrap this item at the check out. Also take a look at our stunning coffee selection GIFT SETs.
CRAFTED WITH DECAFFEINATED ARABICA FROM THE RAINFOREST OF HONDURAS AND CENTRAL AMERICA, WITH AN ADDED HINT OF SPICE FROM BEANS GROWN IN THE ALTITIDES OF VIETNAM. Using carefully balanced and crafted combinations of quality arabica and robusta, with Aromistico we have developed distinct Italian blends all different in strength and with distinguishing notes, but with a reoccurring aftertaste theme.
SUITABLE FOR ALL COFFEE MAKERS ( ESPRESSO, CAFETIERE / FRENCH PRESS, MOKA POT, FILTER, PERCOLATOR, CHEMEX, POUR OVER, DRIP, AEROPRESS, ETC.). It makes especially good cafetiere or aeropress coffee. Full of aroma and with a signature aftertaste. Strength: Dark Roast 5 (out of 5) – EVERY PURCHASE OF AROMISTICO COFFEE GOES TOWARDS PLANTING COFFEE TREES, WITH THE HELP OF TREE-NATION. We’re committed to providing our customers, not only quality coffee, but sustainable and eco-friendly coffee.
VALVE and EASY RESEAL BAG, NOT AVAILABLE IN SUPERMARKETS. Produced by the Pelliconi Family, Independent Italian Artisan Roasters. To best ensure you receive fresh coffee, we roast and ship to Amazon regularly in small batches: our aim is for you to experience the real difference of Italian freshly roasted coffee.

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