Authentic Japanese Traditional Tea Ceremony Matcha Bowl Chawan Textured Glaze Floral Design Handcrafted in Japan (Hydrangea)

Price: £29.53
(as of Sep 24,2022 16:01:19 UTC – Details)

Traditional Japanese Mini Matcha Tea Ceremonial bowl handcrafted in Japan featuring assorted Japanese flower designs. These tea bowls are perfect for tea lovers to hold the cup in both hands while sipping the delicious green tea. These bowls are so attractive and lovely to hold that you will want to use it often. The frosty glaze also adds a slight contrast of gritty texture to the outside of the tea bowl versus the inside of the tea bowl which is smooth. The beauty of a Matcha bowl lies beyond its colors, patterning, and seasonal designs. In Japan, collectors of Matcha bowls and tea enthusiasts choose their tea bowls based on the shape of the bowl, the straightness or slope of the sides of the bowl, the styling of the footring, the overall presence of the Matcha bowl on the tea table, and how the bowl relates to the other tea making objects in the grouping. All in all, the aesthetics of Matcha bowls vary from potter to potter, and for the user, the choice of which tea bowl to use for reflects a mood or seasonal occasion.

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