AYL LED Camping Lantern, Battery Powered LED 1800LM, 4 Camping Lights Modes, Perfect Lantern Flashlight for Hurricane, Emergency Light, Storm, Power Outages

Price: £41.10
(as of Oct 12,2022 02:18:06 UTC – Details)

Do you require a dependable flashlight or lamp for your emergency survival kit? Do you frequently go camping and need a bright flashlight or camping lights that can illuminate the entire campsite? Then this LED lamp is for you! This LED lantern is fitted with multiple LED light bulbs which promise high output while low energy usage. Plus these light bulbs have a long shelf life which makes them great as a part of a survival kit. This lamp consists of 46 LED bulbs that deliver high lumens of 1800. This makes this a very bright flashlight and we recommend that to prevent irritation to eyes and eyesight, not to look directly at the LED bulbs when the lantern is on. Also, do not shine the light into the face or eyes. At the same time, we have designed this camping lights accessory with a thoughtful removable glare-reducing milky print cover, so it is comfortable to use in close quarters without impairing vision from the bright lumen. The bulb cover can be removed to allow for more focused lighting. This LED lantern light is also water-resistant and shock-resistant, making it ideal to be carried with you for your next camping or hiking trip! It also features a slip-proof handle which can be used to hang this lantern for a hands-free light source.
BRIGHT LED BULBS- This camping lantern is fitted with LED light bulbs for your camping lights. As we now know, LED light bulbs are some of the best light bulbs in the industry when it comes to brightness, energy-saving and low energy consumption, as well as longevity.
1800 LUMENS- This LED lantern uses a total of 46 LED bulbs to deliver an extremely high 1800 lumens. The 46 LED bulbs include 4 soft white LED bulbs and 42 daylight LED bulbs. Feel free to choose your comfortable lighting preference.
WATER-RESISTANT- This LED light lantern has been constructed to be waterproof so that you can easily carry it with you for your camping or hiking trips. Similarly, this makes it an ideal candidate for your emergency or survival kit.
FOUR MODES- This emergency light comes with 4 light modes- daylight, warm light, both, and flash mode. Additionally, these modes are also dimmable and this brightness can be adjusted by pressing down on the ON/OFF switch.
SLIP-PROOF HANDLE- This battery-powered LED lantern requires 3 D-batteries for functioning. It also features a slip-proof handle for easy hanging and a hand-free light source. This LED flashlight can also help light up your patio or backyard during winters!

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