B ozhiwei Weighted Hoola Hoop, Fitness Hoola Hoop for Adult, 8 Section Detachable Design Soft Exercise Hoops for Fitness/Weight Loss/Abdominal Shaping Exercise at Home, Office, Fitness Club

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Product Description

hoola hoop

hoola hoop

Are you busy and no time to go to the gym?

But we all know that exercise is of great importance to us in these busy times.

Don’t worry, B ozhiwei Hoola Hoop will make exercise easy at home!

With our Hoola Hoop, you can easily fit the muscles of your abdomen, hips and buttocks at home without the hassle of visits to the gym. In addition, Hoola Hoops can help you:

✔ Massage to relax your body.

✔Strengthen and tone the hip tissue, helping to shape it and make it firmer

✔ Promote blood circulation and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Not only does this make it easy to get the body you want, it also saves your time and money!

weighted exercise hoop

weighted exercise hoop

Comfortable and safe Hoola Hoop is a good way to exercise:

1. it can help exercise the limbs and massage the waist, and it will help you exercise the core muscles, it mainly exercises the external stomach and rectus abdominis, and the plasticity of the body.

2. shape a sexy waist

It can also help train the hip, leg and arm muscles.

3. burn calories

The fun hoola hoop does not make the exercise process boring and can burn calories faster, burn fat by spinning the circle to get a good and more perfect body shape sooner

4. improve cardiovascular health.

More importantly, it’s a good helper for the whole family to work together to strengthen their health while building your family’s resistance! It’s fun and

fitness hoop

fitness hoop

1.2KG hoola hoop

1.2KG hoola hoop

Technical Specification

Material: EVA soft, high quality foam

Colour: Grey Pink

Number of pieces: 8 PCS

Weight: 1.2kg

Diameter: 6 pcs = 70 cm (suitable for children / teenagers), 7 pcs = 84 cm (suitable for women), 8 pcs = 96 cm (suitable for men)


Do not exercise within 1 hour before and after meals
Do not place the Hoola Hoop on your neck to exercise
Women should avoid exercising during pregnancy and menstruation
Should be used with caution by people with back growth / herniated discs
Patients with high blood pressure/heart disease are prohibited

Exercise plan:
4-6 times a week
2-3 groups each time,Each group of 10-20 minutes
Rest 10-20 minutes between each two groups

exercise hoop

exercise hoop


1. When installing the Hoola Hoop, please install in the order of the colours as advise.eg: Grey-Rose Red-Grey-Rose Red-Grey

2. When installing as 7PCS, there are two parts with the same colour.

3. The speed of the hoola hoop must not be too quickly.

4. When used by beginners, please keep a constant rotation speed and keep your knees as relaxed as possible

5. Release your instinctive balance and coordination skills at the same time and you will get satisfactory results.

6. Do not exercise with a long time to avoid local muscle and joint fatigue caused by repeated training over.

7. As the installation process of the hoola-hoop requires sufficient force, care must be taken to ensure safety during the installation process to avoid injury.

hoola hoop for adult

hoola hoop for adult

Free Assembly and Unassembly – The Fitness Hoop has 8 sections that can be easily assembled and disassembled. This makes it easy to store and carry on a daily basis. You can enjoy the fun of fitness loops in comfort wherever you are. You can take the exercise hoop to the lawn, coastal beach, playground or even to a party.
Safety Padded Soft Foam – The exercise hoop adult designed with environmentally friendly and100% safe non-toxic curved wave foam to avoid getting hurt or excessive pain while exercising and auxiliary massage double waist thinning, conform to ergonomic, provide you a comfortable and safe way to loose weight and help you to get a better and health slim shape.
Burn Your Calories: Fitness hoop for exercise is designed for weight loss and plasticity. It is ideal for burning calories, perfect for home, office, and outdoor use.
Easy and Effective: Use only 5 minutes per day and see significant results in less than 2 weeks. Please start your happy lost weight journey soon!!!

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