bowsugar Auto Silicone Water Wiper Soap Cleaner Scraper Blade Squeegee Car Vehicle Windshield Window Washing Cleaning Car Accessories 10 Inch

Price: £6.99
(as of Aug 06,2020 18:20:06 UTC – Details)


— High quality structure: 100% brand new, high quality, soft silicone wiper, one-line water drive design

— Ergonomically designed: The wiper’s non-slip handle provides a comfortable grip; effortless. The thumb area and finger area on the handle provide a superior quality experience. The suspension holes are easy to hang or fasten.

— High safety performance: Straight scraper edge is smooth, easy to wipe, no traces, no scratches on windshield and car paint.

— Professional and efficient: This wiper is light and portable, providing you with a more convenient, efficient and labor-saving way to clean.


Product Name: One-line water scraping

Product color: blue & clear

Product size: 25*7.5CM

Material: Silicone


Instructions for use:

1. Hold the blue silicone handle tightly so that the silicone head fits snugly against the windshield or body;

2. Forming an angle of 10 degrees to 70 degrees between the back side of the silicone head and the glass;

3. Remove rainwater up and down or left and right.


1, convenient and practical, easy to carry, great use of small tools

2, the design is reasonable, the design of the entire wiper is in accordance with the mechanics principle, and the water falling on the glass of the car can be disposed of without any effort. The selection of the material of the head is reasonable, the hardness is moderate, and no scratches will be left on the glass.

3, the front section of the mouth design, easy to remove rain

4, quickly dry the water stains, no need to worry about the wipes are not water marks

Package Included:1* one-piece wiper

SUPER FLEXIBLE T-BAR BLADE, MADE OF SILICONE: Genuine material makes drying more efficiency than towels or terry clothes, which saves your time.
STURDY HANDLE: Guarantees nice, reliable and good grip so the water blade won’t slip away while using it. You can use the water blade with or without gloves. Handle size is suitable for most users.
BRILLIANTLY DESIGNED BLADE EDGE: Removes water much more efficiency. T-shape is designed to do the job, just try it and get amazed!
MULTIPLE EXTREMELY EASY WAYS OF USE: Buy several blades same time and use them inside and outside. Car-, house-, RV, windows, glass tables just to mention few targets. There’s plenty of existing challenges out there which are easily solved with this Water Blade.

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