BTBSIGN LED Interval Timer Count Down/Up Clock Stopwatch with Remote for Home Gym Fitness Blue

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Our timers work perfectly for Home gyms, fitness gyms, weight rooms, Rec Centers, Health Clubs, Schools, etc


Normal time : Show time of day in 12 and 24 hours. 12hour format: H2 HH:MM, show H2 6:00; 24hour format: H1 HH:MM, show H1 18:00;

Stopwatch : Stopwatch in minutes seconds: hundredths of a second 00:00:00 to 99:59:99; For example, it will count up from 00:00:00 to 99:59:99

Countdown : Count down in minutes and seconds. (Countdown format: dn MM:SS from dn 99:59 to dn00:00 ; For example: Create 15minutes countdown, enter dn 15:00, it will countdown from dn 15:00 to dn 00:00;

Count-up : Count up in minutes and seconds. (Count up format: up MM:SS from up 00:00 to up 99:59 ; For example: Create 10minutes count up, enter up 10:00, it will count up from up 00:00 to up 10:00;

Customizable interval time:Create your own workout time and rest time. (F = Training time; C= Rest time 1= First group running; like F1 MM:SS C1 MM:SS ; F2 MM:SS C2 MM:SS etc.) For example, you want to do five times exercise with 1minutes training and 15 seconds reset; You can set F1 01:00, C1 00:15; F2 01:00, C2 00:15; F3 01:00, C3 00:15; F4 01:00, C4 00:15; F5 01:00, C5 00:15;
Before start, you have 10 seconds to prepare and it will beep every second. Like 3 2 1 GO. It will beep when change from work time to reset. Like 3 , 2, 1 GO. You can mute the noise if not need.


Digit High: Digit High: 1.5”
Dimension: 11” W x 4” H x 1.5” D
Case material: Aluminum
Mounting: Wall-mount, Hang ,Stand on desk

Package included

1x AC/DC Adapter; Brackets and screws ; Remote control ; Timer ; User manual;

Remote battery do not included. Battery of remote is 2xAAA

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