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Clean Coffee that Keeps You on Top of Your Day!

Life is short and we try to cram it all in. Business meetings, kids, travel, fun and games. We’re all busy and we all need a break.
That’s when you reach for your trusty decaf coffee. But before you know it you’re feeling worse than before.
Some decaffeinated coffee beans contain mould toxins (mycotoxins) and pesticide residues and use nasty chemicals to remove the caffeine.
Doesn’t sound so good? You’d be right! They’re not great for your health and they won’t make you feel good. In fact they’ll probably do the opposite…

Do You Know What’s in Your Coffee?

At Lean Caffeine we lab test our coffee for pesticides and mould toxins and we print the results on each & every bag. You can be confident of a clean decaf coffee.
Say goodbye once and for all to the side-effects (like headaches and nausea) that you get from cheap, performance-draining decaf coffee.

Top shelf bulletproof upgraded / optimised decaf coffee. No nasty chemicals, pesticides or mycotoxins. 2018 GREAT TASTE AWARD WINNER! Tastier than Illy Decaffeinated Coffee, Lavazza Decaffeinated Coffee, and Taylors of Harrogate Decaffe Ground Coffee.

Three Simple Steps to a More Energised, Focused You:

It couldn’t be easier. Just click “Add to Basket” then Checkout. We’ll have the coffee to you in no time.

Lean Caffeine is a delicious coffee in its own right, but it can also be enjoyed as a bulletproof coffee as part of an intermittent fasting, 5:2 or keto diet. Mix it with C8 MCT oil and grass-fed organic ghee.

Savour your cup of great-tasting, rich decaf coffee. No bitter aftertaste, nausea, or headaches!
☑️ Sublime Tasting Decaf Coffee Beans – 2018 Great Taste Award. Supreme Decaf Espresso Beans
☑️ Swiss Water Decaf Coffee Beans – No Nasty Chemicals Used. Coffee Decaffeinated all naturally!
☑️ As Good as Organic Decaf Coffee Beans – Lab Verified Pesticide Free (Multi-Residue Screen)
☑️ Free Accompanying Guide – Click “Free Guide” via Website shown on Decaf Coffee Bag (main pic)

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