CoolFire Solar Watch Fast Charger (compatible with all kinds of eco solar watches) 1046

Price: £54.70 - £52.87
(as of Oct 04,2022 07:29:09 UTC – Details)

CoolFire Solar Watch Charger uses cool LED lamps as electric light source to charge all kinds of eco-drive solar watches. It?s the most safe and easy USB electric light source for the charging of your sophisticated/expensive solar watch. Charging your eco solar watch under direct sunlight or conventional electric lamp may easily overheat your sophisticated solar watch. Overheating due to over exposure to direct sunlight or too close to conventional electric lamp could damage attachments on watch face as well as the watch movement. Sunlight is the best light source for the charging of your solar watch but it not 24 hour x 365 days available. Electric lamp charging can heat up your solar watch when it is placed to close to the watch. If you place your watch not close enough to an electric lamp then the charging time will be much prolonged. The CoolFire Solar Watch Charger delivers light strength similar to a direct sunlight in summer but it never heats up your watch. There are two soft rubber caps included for Men and Women solar wristwatches placement. Solar Watch Charger is compatible with ALL KINDS of SOLAR WATCH and is powered by USB or DC4.5V AC Adapter. *CoolFire Solar Watch Charger is tested before shipment* By TimeChant (Hong Kong) Limited – a company of the New York Standard Watch Company, LLC.

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