Price: £86.60
(as of Nov 20, 2023 23:26:03 UTC – Details)

Elevate your entrance with natural Carrara marble. When it comes to your entryway, you want your decor to make a nice, welcoming first impression — and you shouldn’t settle for cheap doorstops that aren’t heavy enough to keep the door open, or start collapsing after a few days. At DECOREALM we have designed our decorative door stop to be the ideal balance between style and functionality. Weighing 2.3kg – one of the heaviest on the market – our door stop also features a non-slip felt base that keeps it firmly in place on any type of floor. Carved from a solid block of 100% natural Carrara marble stone, this beautiful door stop is designed for * use – without the risk of being torn or broken by animals or small hands Choose your handle style. Match your decor and choose between our 2 handle colors: sleek black metal or shiny brass. Stable and non-slip design. This solid 5lb door stop also features a non-slip felt base for extra traction on all surfaces from tile to carpet. Luxe Home Accent. Measuring 17cm tall with a 10.5cm diameter base, our doorstop also makes a gorgeous home accent. Place it on your coffee table or bookcase for an instant chic touch. Make a lasting first impression with DECOREALM.

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