DESKOMO Origami Paper for Kids Double Sided – Pack of 180 Sheets – 20 Vibrant Colored 6×6 Inches Oragami Paper Packs for DIY Projects, Arts and Crafts

Price: £23.47
(as of Oct 12,2022 08:25:44 UTC – Details)

    Improve your child’s motor and cognitive skills by replacing their digital gadgets with such a rewarding origami paper folding hobby.
    Our features include:

      Our pack of 180 6×6 inches sheets with 20 striking colors (9 sheets each color) is perfect to witness fun moments of origami with kids, parents or teachers.

      High quality and odorless double sided origami paper with same solid color on both sides.

      Crafted with 70 GSM paper makes it easier to create aesthetically-pleasing and colorful designs. Its premium quality holds crease and complex folds seamlessly.

      These 6×6 ogami paper squares are strong and durable. Create any design or shape without getting worried about ripping and curling of paper at edges.

    • PACKAGE:
      180 Sheets – 20 Vibrant Colors – 9 Sheets Each Color

    ✔️BUNDLE OF 180 SHEETS IN 20 VIBRANT COLORS: This value for money pack comes in 180 sheets with the range of 20 exciting colors to select from. Each color has 9 sheets and same shade on both sides. This bright oragomie paper let your kids distinguish colors and support healthy brain development
    ✔️FINEST QUALITY 70 GSM PAPER: Crafted with high quality 70 GSM paper, they are odorless and don’t fade with time. Its smooth texture and edges let your kids transform these vivid colored squares in origami paper folding with ease to create beautiful designs
    ✔️CREASE, TUCK AND FOLD: No matter how intricate your design is, these high quality origami papers grab complex folds easily and maintain crease. Crisp and clear folds let you lay strong foundations for all types of traditional origami shapes
    ✔️DURABLE AND DOESN’T TEAR EASILY: Our rainbow colored orgami paper is flexible and fun to use. It doesn’t tear easily and makes very easy to shape complex curves and other 3D objects without any hassle

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