Diabetic Cookbook: Diabetic Cookbook for Beginners. Diabetic. Cookbook with Simple and Healthy Diabetes Recipes (Diabetic Cookbooks 3)

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What used to be a problem concerning mostly people who had crossed the 40-year-old bracket, diabetes has fast risen to become one of the most talked-about ailments of modern times. In fact, even obesity is directly proportional to diabetes. With more and more youngsters diagnosed with diabetes, there is a sudden need to find a way to control and prevent the disease before its onset. The idea behind this book is to control the diseases at its nascent stage.

A careful study has made us conclude that, through some healthier adjustments, one can not only prevent diabetes but even prolong its arrival in cases of patients who have a genetic history of the disease. While most of the diabetes knowledge is readily available, what still makes us lag behind is the hectic, always-on-the-move lifestyle of today. In studying millennials, we concluded that it was wildly wrong to simply blame the adults of today for falling prey to diabetes. We blame their eating habits and lack of physical exercise, without actually studying them at the molecular level. What we found is that the people of today’s world are not lazy but, indeed, are too tired to prioritize healthy food as their principal goal. Factory-prepared food is not only cheap but also readily available.

Understanding this, we devised a 30-day meal plan that is not only easy to prepare but also less time-consuming. This Diabetic cookbook is made with the intent to simplify not only diabetes but also the process of cooking for the layman. The recipes in this Diabetic Cookbook are well researched and verified through a team of experts. Realizing that it is not possible to cook every day, the recipes listed in this Diabetic Cookbook for beginners also focus on preservation. Reading this Diabetic Cookbook, the reader can prepare food in advance and stock up for days when they are too tired to enter the kitchen. All they need to do is visit the refrigerator, heat the food they want to eat, and stay on course for a healthier and diabetes-free future.

The present lifestyle makes it difficult for people to miss out on a healthy breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day. In fact, the problem starts here. Missing breakfast means the person often relies on takeout, which is high in processed sugar and harmful carbs. Therefore, one of the important aspects of the book is to give you easy breakfast recipes. Now, you will be able to prepare your breakfast in advance, helping you start the day just the way it is intended to be: fresh.

Besides dedicated recipes involving meat, poultry, and seafood, this Diabetic. Cookbook features recipes for people who love vegetarian food. The icing on the cake is our special dessert recipes, which are to die for. Imagine being able to control your blood sugar level while enjoying your favorite desserts. This was an important addition to this Diabetes cookbook—one that makes this Diabetic cookbook one of a kind and adds a little fun to the process of combating diabetes.

This Diabetic Cookbook will provide the following:
•Diabetic. Cookbook: Introduction
•Diabetic. Cookbook: 30-Day Meal Plan
•Diabetic. Cookbook: Breakfast Recipes for Diabetic Patients
•Diabetic. Cookbook: Meat Recipes for Diabetic Patients
•Diabetic. Cookbook: Poultry Recipes for Diabetic Patients
•Diabetic. Cookbook: Vegetarian Recipes for Diabetic Patients
•Diabetic. Cookbook: Seafood Recipes for Diabetic Patients
•Diabetic. Cookbook: Dessert Recipes for Diabetic Patients

Enjoy the book and help us keep diabetes at the bay, just where it belongs—outside your house.

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