Egg Pancake Rings,8pcs Different Shaper Fried Egg Molds,Stainless Steel Omelette Frying Cooking Tools Kitchen Accessories Gadget Rings,with a Silicone Pastry Brush and a Yolk separator,Set of 10

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With this frying egg, you will feel never headache if your family likes your cooking. 
Just discovering this new creative way to prepare a warming-up breakfast to welcome each new day. 
Our set comprises with 8 molds in different shapes, including round,heart,star, horse,elephant,Micky mouse,bear and flower .
You can choose the mostly favored shapes for your family. 
Our set is very convenient to use. Just unfold the molds and place them on the pan. 
Humanized plastic handle pulling to prevent grabbing a hot handle. Compact and durable with enduring performance. 
Ideal for making pancakes, crumpets or fried Lovely shape fried egg mold. 
Easy to clean and enduring performance handle folds for easy storage compact, durable & easy to use. 
Steps of Use
Step 1: Pour the right amount of oil into the skillet and brush the oil evenly on the inner wall of the omelette mold (to prevent sticking the mold );
Step 2: Heating the skillet for 1-2 minutes (please use a skillet and make your skillet and the mold keep flat to ensure evenly heating and prevent leakage);
Step 3: Gently pour the eggs into the omelette mold (to look good, place the yolk in the middle);
Step 4: Fried by a slowly fine until the egg is properly cooked, remove the moulds (be carefully to take out , or you may break the formed shape of the egg);
Tips: when the omelette is formed, fry it again on the opposite side if necessary

Be kindly aware to use a really flat pan.
It is advisable to rub the edges with butter or other edible oil before use.
Then it is easier to take out the molds without sticking. 
Make sure your pan and the mold being heated before adding eggs, or you will have problem with the eggs running out of the mold. 
Scientific & labour-saving design is adopted to prevent the handle from being poured into the pot, it’s made of premium PP material, which is environmentally-friendly and healthy.
The surface of omelette mold adopted the polished process, which is not easy to scratch and durable.
The height of omelette mold increased to 1.5cm, it can store the egg very well, keep it not leaking out.
There are eight different kinds of shape,can be used for Fried egg, Cakes, Meatloaf, Biscuits and so on. you can change it everyday.

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