ELECOM Dr.EXG Wired Mouse 5 Buttons BlueLED Less Click Noise Mouse/Ergonomic Design/Back Forward Button 2000 DPI Gaming / Medium – Black (M-XGM10UBSBK-US)

Price: £9.99
(as of Oct 19,2022 03:07:09 UTC – Details)

■5 button mouse”EX-G” is designed for “easy to grip”based on the hand shape.
■Medium size with a sense of stability and a firm fit.
■Design is focusing on the thumb and ring finger which are most frequently used when operating the mouse. ELECOM designed to fit the four points of the proximal phalanx, ball of the foot, metatarsal bone, and metacarpal bone.
■Applying a leather-like material on the side of the main unit to prevent from slipping and enhances texture.
■Equipped with BlueLED: Light is reflected more accurately even with small unevenness and dust on the surfaces for comfortable use
■2000 DPI: Smooth and comfortable operation for gaming and office use.
■”Forward” and “Back” buttons are equipped for efficiant WEB browsing.
■Left and Right buttons are equipped with OMRON switches which are highly reliable in terms of durability and have a well-established click feeling.
■By using “ELECOM Mouse Assistant” from ELECOM Global page you can assign favorite function to each button. *Download for FREE
■You can assign favorite function to each button by using “ELECOM Mouse Assistant” ELECOM Mouse Assistant Software will be available to download from ELECOM NET website.

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