Feed Your Family For £20 a Week: 100 Budget-Friendly, Batch-Cooking Recipes You’ll All Enjoy

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Simple ingredients. Straightforward recipes. Mouth-watering results.

Now you can feed the whole family – and eat the food you love – without breaking the bank!

Feed Your Family for £20 a Week is the hottest new cookery sensation on the block. Through Lorna Cooper’s popular cookery blog fyf20quid.co.uk, over half a million people have learnt how to meal plan, budget and cook for their families for just £20 a week – and now you can too!

In Feed Your Family for £20 a Week you will find 100 deliciously simple, wallet-friendly meals the whole family will love. Each recipe is full of flavour, easy to follow and ready in minutes. This is stress-free cooking at its best – for less!

A busy mum of three, Lorna understands how difficult it is to feed a family without breaking the bank, and when she didn’t qualify for sick pay after a medical emergency, she really had to tighten the purse strings. Through savvy shopping, buying in bulk and batch cooking, she managed to slash her food bill from around £100 a week to just £20 – and now she wants to show you how. With this book, you will:

· Plan 3 meals a day, every week – for just £20
· Stock up on freezer and store cupboard essentials
· Get the most out of your ingredients
· Discover simple substitutes and clever shortcuts
· Love your leftovers
· Waste less and save more

Cook smart with MINIMUM FUSS and MAXIMUM FLAVOUR – and all for just £20 A WEEK!

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Feed Your FamilyFeed Your Family

Feed Your FamilyFeed Your Family

Feed Your FamilyFeed Your Family

Cook smart with MINIMUM FUSS and MAXIMUM flavour

Simple Ingredients + Easy Recipes = Mouth-watering Results

Eating well for less has never tasted so good!

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