Flower Tea Cup, Wisolt Lead-Free Handmade Glass Enamel Mugs with Delicate Spoon and Gift Box, Perfect Gift for Wife, Mum, Girl, Teacher on Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Wedding Anniversary

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Product Description

Flower Tea CupFlower Tea Cup

Flower Tea CupFlower Tea Cup


1 * Glass Mugs

1 * Spoon

1 * Drink Coaster (Random color)


Name: Flower Glass Mugs/CupsMaterial: lead-free glass and metalVolume: 320ml / 11.2ozColor: pink and purplePackage dimension: 19 * 19 * 14cmPacking: gift box


Non-toxic, the glass coffee mug is made of lead-free glass, it does not contain elements such as lead and antimony, and it does not affect human health.Made by hand, we don’t use the machine’s mechanical production, but are completely hand-painted by skilled craftsmen.


Flower Tea CupFlower Tea Cup

Flower Tea CupFlower Tea Cup

Flower Tea CupFlower Tea Cup

Widely Used

This handmade enamel mug is suitable for most cold or hot drinks, such as tea, milk, fruit juice, coffe, soda water and so on.

Outstanding Workmanship

The exquisite enamel crafts is drawn by hand and it will never fades. Elegant and novel glass mugs are painted with pink flowers, it is not only a reflection of your personal style, but also an ideal choice for your leisure lifestyle.

Ideal Gift

Flower Tea Cup comes in a exquisite gift box, ideal gift for your wife, mum, teacher and other elders on birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Anniversary, etc.

Complete Set

You don’t need any separate accessories because the flower teacup comes with a matching small spoon, coaster, cleaning cloth. It’s very convenient for you to use.

Flower Tea CupFlower Tea Cup


Avoid moisture: In wet conditions, the silver-plated surface of the enamel handle may be oxidized, so air circulation should be maintained.Avoid high temperature: The cup should be placed in dry and normal temperature environment, don’t place the cup in high temperature environment, such as microwave.Avoid corrosion: When you take the cup, your hands better be clean and free of grease. After cleaning, it is best to wipe it with clean cloth, so that the cup can last longer.About cleaning: Please wash it with clean water below 50 °C, after cleaning, please wipe it with a soft cloth.

HIGH QUALITY: Our enamel mug is made of borosilicate glass, which is absolute healthy green lead-free crystal material that contains no lead and barium harmful heavy metals. It can withstand temperatures from -20 ° C to 150 ° C and not split when hot and cold alternately, so whether you drink cold or hot beverage, this cup is your best choice.
HANDMADE: Abandoning the modern machine production mode, the enamel mugs are made by hand and they always have some minor differences, so each cup is unique, finely crafted and light body. The hand-drawn flowers on the cup are durable, even the time goes by, they will last forever.
COME WITH A DELICATE SPOON: The flower teacup comes with a small and exquisite matching spoon and you don’t need to buy it separately. The spoon is made of stainless steel, so that you can add sugar to your drink and stir it even though the drink is at a high temperature.
PERFECT FOR ALL KINDS OF BEVERAGES: This glass mugs is perfect for drinking tea, coffee, juice, milk, soda water or any other cold or hot drink. The cup can be used for friends party, home, restaurant’s premium drink cup, office coffee cup, etc
THE IDEAL GIFT: The flower teacup is made of crystal glass and design with crystals and enamel, making the product looks elegant and novel, it is a perfect gift for your mother, teacher, or other elders, of course your girlfriend as well, on birthday, Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.

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