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Keep It Kind introduces Fresh Kidz, a range of chemical free personal hygiene products for kids and young teens that parents can trust! Our products are free of harmful chemicals, while still providing effective, all-day, odor protection, and fight bacteria, the main cause of body odor. No Aluminum, No Parabens, No Alcohol, No Harsh Sulfates, No Harmful Chemicals, No Worries! Before Fresh Kidz was created, parents of kids who had entered puberty faced a dilemma. There simply wasn’t a range of hygiene products for pre-teens, ‘tweens’ and teenagers that were not only effective and safe, but made kids feel confident using them. Keep It Kind, the brand behind the Fresh Kidz range, took this challenge head-on. With passion and personal experience, we made sure that our products fought against odor and bacteria while never compromising safety. With over 20 years of pharmaceutical experience, our founders discovered that there was a huge need for a kids deodorant range that simply wasn’t being filled. They went on to spend several years working closely with leading scientists laboratories, developing what we believe is the best-in-class Deodorant formula for younger, sensitive skin and free from any potential harmful chemicals. Our ultimate mission is to create a range of naturally based personal and skincare products for kids aged 8 to 14, that’s both parents and kids will love. We continue to research and develop products that are ideal for the modern, more informed generation of today. FRESH KIDZ Boys Blue Deodorant, 1.86 fl. oz. Some kids may actually need deodorant and some may just want to make it a part of their personal grooming routine to feel more confident and grown up. Either way, Fresh Kidz Boys Deodorant is a great pick. It inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria, keeping him feeling and smelling fresh throughout her entire day and all of her activities.
Uniquely formulated and designed for kids and tweens
Effectively prevents body odor for 24 hours
Doesn’t mark or stain clothing
Hip, trendy, aesthetic

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