funky gadgets PVC Venetian Window Blinds Easy Fit Trimmable Grey Colored Blind Home,Office (90 x 150 cm)

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Product Description

funky gadgetsfunky gadgets

Funky Gadgets Easy Fit PVC Venetian Window Blind

Trim-ableTwist Open CloseChild-safety device included

Our PVC venetian blinds are a practical solution that come in a range of different options. Quick to install, they’re an affordable way to give your interior an instant style lift. We’ve gone with classic colour combinations that suit most interiors: think white, black, cream light grey, natural and embossed dark grey . Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms and other wet areas.

Widths listed exclude bracket dimensions. Please add 10mm to above widths to account for brackets. (ie. 900mm wide blind will require 910mm once installed)




Detail of Blind

white blindwhite blind

Choice of size and colour

Installing the blind is quick and easy

it can be mounted to the wall or in the window recess

The PVC slats are easy to clean

With an intelligent tilting mechanism

Available Colour of blinds

Available in a range of colours to match your decor.You can choose from following colours.

PVC WhitePVC Grey/SilverPVC Black PVC Woodgrain/woodprint NaturalPVC Wood/Woodprint Teak

PVC Venetian Window Blind

Width of slat is 2.5cm approx.

The simple PVC Venetian Blind perfectly blends style with practicality. The modern colouring on both the slats and headrail will suit a variety of decorative styles and give your room a sophisticated finish.

Available Size of blinds

With a total drop of 150cm and 213cm you can choose from the following widths to suit your space:

45 cm ,60 cm 75 cm ,90 cm 105 cm ,120 cm135 cm , 150 cm165 cm , 180 cm195 cm ,210 cm

Different Drops and Widths Available. Easily Cut to fit your place.


PVC Woodgrain Effect

Please Note : IT IS NOT WOODEN BLIND. It is PVC blind with wooden print . it will look like natural wood -even though the object is made of PVC. PVC slat print to create a finish that looks like a wood grain. Although closely matching or exactly duplicating a specific wood or a good quality natural finish is a job that requires the skill of an expert, with a little patience anyone can create an attractive wood grain effect that will be surprisingly realistic.

grey blindgrey blind

Easy To Use

Fitted with a child-safe mechanism , It is suitable for hanging in or outside the window recess and is designed to be easy to install with no need for professional help. The smooth to operate sidewinder can be fitted to either side and the barrel is tapered to help reduce the chances of cord jamming.

Measuring Guides for choosing right size of blind.


So, you are going to buy new blind but need to know which size to choose.

Learn how to measure for blinds with our expert guide and give your room the finishing touch it deserves. Whether roller blinds, roman blinds, venetian blinds , these window dressings make a versatile and practical addition to your living space.

Measuring and sizing your window in anticipation of your blinds from Funky Gadgets is relatively easy and hassle-free. An accurate measurement ensures a great fitting custom window treatment, which adds an elegant and classy touch to your home or office. We’ve made the process easy for you to do yourself, which saves you money without sacrificing quality

Deciding where to hang your blinds

Double check the “window Requirements” section of your chosen product to ensure that your window has enough depth to accommodate an inside mount. If it doesn’t, choose an outside mount or switch to another product.

Remember to measure in multiple places across the window width and height. For specific instructions on where and how many times to measure, see your Blind’s specific measuring guide.

Be sure to allow extra space for the head rail and mounting brackets, which can be up to 2 1/2-inches tall. If you want increased light blockage and privacy, add a few extra inches outside of the window space.

Make allowances for obstructions like doorknobs, deadbolts or moulding that might get in the way. If you have obstructions, spacer blocks or extension brackets are available to help your blind extend far enough to avoid protrusions.



Suitable for windows in small rooms without a lot of surrounding wall space.

– A neater and more tailored finish.

– A better option for vertical blinds.

– Allows the window sill to be visible when blinds are shut.



Choose when there’s little-to-no space inside the window gap

– Blocks out more light.

– Can help hide odd-shaped windows.

– Easier to fit.

– Makes your window look bigger.

-Allows you to have items on your window sill.

measuring insidemeasuring inside

measuring inside window

Inside window treatments ,

Measure the inside of the window frame in three places for width: across the top, middle and bottom. And for height: at the left, middle and right side. Record the narrowest width and longest height. Don’t forget to record window depth so you’ll meet the minimum installation requirement.

measuring outsidemeasuring outside

measuring outside window

Outside window treatments .

Measure the overall area to be covered. Consider adding an extra 3 inches to the width and height for optimum light control and privacy. Outside mounts require at least 2 inches of flat surface above the window or frame for mounting brackets. Projection brackets may be needed to clear the frame moulding.

NOTE: NOT suitable for rooms that reach high temperatures such as conservatories made to measure facility is not available. Widths are mentioned before drops in sizes.
Ideal For Home,Office,Kitchen Etc Simple-to-use control stick on the left hand side that allow you to open / close the blinds. These blinds have strong header bar. Includes child safe pull cords Can be fitted inside or outside the window recess Ready to hang or trim to size with a small fine tooth hacksaw for slats and header bar. (Instructions included) Maximum drop can be reduced by removing excess slats from the base after the blind is hung
Please note that the 45cm blind can only be trimmed down to the maximum of 41cm due to fittings Up to 1.5 cms may be cut from each side Venetian blinds by there very nature are not blackout and some light may enter via gaps between slats when closed Auto-lock cords for opening/closing the blinds (Right hand side) Twist operated wand to tilt slats (Left hand side) Mounting brackets allow for side, top or face fixing
overlapping slats that is effective in blocking the light. Matching adjustment wand supplied. Easily trimmed with a sharp pair of scissors and a hack saw All brackets and fittings included, ready to hang or width can be easily trimmed to size. Featuring a twist operated wand to tilt slats open and close (located on the left on the blind) Drop can be reduced by removing excess slats. Easily wiped clean and maintained with a damp cloth width of slat is 2.5cm approx.

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