GARDENING FOR BEGINNERS: 4 books in 1: Hydroponics Gardening, Vegetable Gardening for Beginners, Raised Bed Gardening for Beginners, Container Gardening

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Do you want to approach the world of gardening but are confused about the many facts and typologies of gardening?

Would you like all the information in one book to better understand different growing approaches, become self-sufficient , grow flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruit in a yard and even in a small urban spaces? Then keep reading….

This compilation includes:

  • VEGETABLE GARDENING FOR BEGINNERS. A simple easy-to-follow guide to grow bountiful, organic and sustainable produce in your backyard. Vertical gardening and companion planting secrets included

  • RAISED BED GARDENING FOR BEGINNERS. A simple-easy-to follow guide to plan, build, and sustain thriving edible gardens even in small urban spaces. Square foot gardening in raised bed included

  • CONTAINER GARDENING. A simple-easy-to follow guide for year round flourishing edible and decorative gardens in pots, tubes and other containers. Guideline to grow microgreens included

  • HYDROPONICS GARDENING. A simple-easy-to follow DIY guide for beginners to start and sustain your hydroponic system. Grow and produce your organic fruits, vegetables and herbs for four-season harvest

4 manuscripts rolled up in 1 book to give you all the basic information to make the best growing decisions and keep your green space under control. Is this plant suitable for hydroponics? What container should I use for this plant? How much should I water? Should I plant it in summer or spring? What is the best organic homemade compost recipe ? Seed or seedling? How do I plant a seed?….from soil to water, from yard to small container, from seed to food, all the questions are answered.

This bundle contains:

  • Hydroponics VS soil gardening

  • Types of hydroponic systems and DIY steps

  • Different types and methods of raised beds

  • The basics of container gardening

  • The basic of vegetable gardening: from seed to food

  • What, where and when to plant

  • +40 Plants and vegetables profiles

  • Planning and maintaining your garden. Troubleshooting and tips

  • Bonuses: micro-greens, companion planting and square foot gardening

and more…

The basic skills, specific techniques and all the other need-to-know topics are explained in simple language to get the best out of your seeds. From planting decorative plants to growing and harvesting your own organic produce all year round. Gardening is a highly gratifying hobby. What are you waiting for?

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