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Searching for the perfect security lock you can trust?

Finding the right security solution is not easy. Too many locks are ridiculously flimsy, and pose next to no challenge to thieves. And the price we pay for shoddy security is steep–a burglary happens every 13 seconds in the US.

It’s clear that settling for less is just not an option. You need to get a lock that offers the highest level of protection. One that’s certified tough against every known forced entry techniques.

Keep your home, business, or expensive machinery protected at all times with the Gerda G1000 High Security Lock.

Constantly worried about your sensitive documents or cash getting robbed? Never been able to rest completely at ease when you’re away from your safe? If you said yes to both, then consider bolstering your security with our EN 12209 compliant security lock.

From key to cover, every part of this lockset has been made to keep out unauthorized individuals. Unlike subpar locks commonly made of brass alloy, the casing of our innovative lock is crafted from solid steel with reinforced locking bolts. Aside from that, parts of its cylinder mechanism are made of steel and brass, which are very difficult to drill through.

Last but not least, this patented lock system offers immense master-keying possibilities. Your key is more than one-in-a-million. There are over 4,294,967,296 different combinations available, so you can be sure that each key is distinctive.

Need more reasons to upgrade to these locks? Check out these benefits:

✅ Available in different eye-catching colors
✅ Made with an aluminum cover, which is easy to replace if damaged
✅ Backed by over 20 years of expert product development
✅ Great for storing documents and jewelries

Provide the highest level of security for your belongings. Add the Gerda G1000 High Security Lock to your cart TODAY!
🔑 ADVANCED KEY SYSTEM – The 3D key interacts with 16 pins placed on 4 different levels of the door cylinder lock. This mechanism creates over 4 billion combos, making each key virtually unique.
🔑 BUILT EXTREMELY TOUGH – Stay protected by using this heavy duty cylinder door lock. It’s made with anti-drilling steel pins, ball bearings, and a hardened core to endure picking and bumping.
🔑 PROTECTION FOR ALL – Equipped with modern, cutting-edge security features, this lock is perfect for a wide variety of applications. Use it to keep your apartment, house, garage, or storefront safe.
🔑 RISK-FREE PURCHASE – Thoroughly tried and tested by our GERDA engineers, we’re certain you’ll be satisfied with our commercial door locks. But in case you’re not happy with it, contact us.

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