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    HBW Stamp Faced register for sidewall or ceiling applications. The listed size 12″w X 6″h is for duct opening measurement only, Actual outside overall dimensions is 13.75″ wide by 7.75″ high.

      Difference Between grilles, registers, diffusers and vents:

      • Grille – a series of deflectors in the shape of blades or fins fixed in a frame to allow air to pass through from duct to room space
      • Register – a grille attached with a damper or valve to control the air flow volume
      • Diffuser – a unit with duct connecting piece and a larger face piece with multiple blades to spread out air flow to multiple directions. Examples are drop ceiling T-bar diffusers and round ceiling diffusers.

      Size Selection Guide

      1. Measure the size of the air duct opening(the size of the “hole” ).
      2. Select the listed size that match the duct opening size.
      3. The outside or overall size is 1.75” larger for both width and length so it can cover the “hole”.
      4. Do not use outside measurement for size selection.

      Stamped Face Steel Construction with 1/2″ fin spacing for high air flow
      Three Way Air Flow deflection Design
      Multi-shutter damper with easy handle to adjust desired amount of air flow
      Individually shrink wrapped with card board pad in the back for extra protection

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