Healthy Kids Recipes: Delicious Meals Your Children Will Love

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Do you find it difficult to get your children to eat healthy meals? Do they refuse to eat fruits and vegetables? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, don’t worry, you are not alone.

As the parent of kids who would eat nothing but candy and chips, I had to get intentional about ensuring my children ate a healthy diet. It took some time, but I persevered, and now healthy food is all they eat.

I found that instead of just trying to force them to eat a plate of vegetables, I would mix them with other foods they liked, such as layering a chicken pizza with vegetables and it worked like magic. In this book you will find:

• Tips on how to get your children to eat healthy meals
• Delicious breakfast recipes
• Delicious lunch recipes
• Delicious dinner recipes
• Delicious dessert recipes

Your kids will never want to eat another processed meal again after they have had some of these recipes. Click on the buy button and purchase, “Healthy Kids Recipes; 37 Delicious Meals Your Children Will Love” today.

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