How To Get Scouted: The ultimate player guide to getting scouted by professional football clubs

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Footballers everywhere dream of being scouted and having a career as a professional. Having a dream is one thing but how can you turn that dream into a reality? What are the secrets players need to know?Over the past eight years, the UK Football Trials team have run events for tens of thousands of players around the world. In the 2019 /2020 season, over 700 players were scouted from events with 54 players being signed, including two full Premier League professional contracts.Everyone sees the leading players on TV, but very few are aware of the journey and years of dedication it takes to reach their level. We think it’s time to change that, and this book provides all the secrets we have learned about how to help players get scouted.In this book you will discover amazing football insights including:•The football scouting system in the UK: How it works, the most important skills that scouts look for in all positions AND how you can impress them.•How a UK pro club academy works: Life at an academy, the eligibility rules for players from the UK and worldwide.•Master the inner game, stay confident and handle pressure!: The secrets to becoming a better player on and off the pitch.•How to prepare yourself for a trial or a big match: Simple techniques to help players remain calm and play your best!•All about agents: Who are they, what they do and at what age you might need one.•What life is like as a Premier League academy player: One of our very own UK Football Trials success stories!•Create the ultimate football CV and video highlights package: How to make an amazing video and CV to send to clubs and scouts or have prepared if you get scouted!If you want to get scouted and be a professional footballer, this book is essential reading to help you be successful on your journey.

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