Kimimara Door Pull-up Bar, Chin Up Bar No Screw Installation, For Upper Body Workout Bar Doorway Fitness at Home Indoor Exercise (70-95cm)

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Kimimara Door Pull-up Bar, Chin Up Bar No Screw Installation


1.Unlock the locking catches
Remove the red gear lock, rotate the steel tube to extend the bar. Installs the gear lock and large bases back along the groove of the pull-up bar.

2.Adjust the length
Place the pull-up bar at the appropriate height of the door frame, rotate the large bases on both sides until it extends to the full width of the door frame.

3.Install to the door frame
Grab and rotate the middle part of the bar until it cannot rotate anymore. Make sure the bar attaches the door frames tightly!

4.Lock the anti-loose locking catches
Insert the red gear lock into the groove position to prevent the steel tube from loosening and posing a hazard.


It must be mounted on a door frame (solid wood door, steel door) or solid wall (cement wall, brick wall, marble wall). Door frame between 70-95 cm
1. Not for glass door frame, hollowed door frame, fragile wall.
2. Make sure that your door frame can handle the sideways force before installation.


1. Please check if it is tightened enough before exercise. Ensure the middle hold is fastened; if not, spin to fasten it.
2. Please do not hang the bar in an area where there is moisture or heat. such as your bathroom!
3. If wallpaper or paint is attached to the wall, you can put thick papers on both sides to prevent scratches.
4. Children must use the rod under adult supervision.
5. The pull-up bar is non-competitive equipment, some movements such as somersault are prohibited. Excessive use will cause physical injury.

?【NO Screws & NO Drilling】Simple to set up, just rotate the bar to press against the door frame and plug in the security lock. It’s suitable to take down and re-set up regularly, uninstall and move from one location to another. Never worry over-tighten the pull-up bar and cause BAD damage to your door frame.
?【Safety Locking System】The horizontal bars with safety deadlock design, after adjusting the bar to the tightest then inserts the buckle in the card slot. Prevent the pull-up bar from rotating during use, which makes sure the security for yourself.
?【Larger Area Silicone Pad】20*7 cm enlarged non-slip rubber pad, twice size than normal silicone pad increase the friction with the wall, distributing the pressure more evenly, protect your door frame or wall from damage.
?【Multipurpose Workout Bar】The adjustable indoor pull-up bar allows for a lot of different exercises by changing its height. Perfect for pull-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, leg stretching, and other exercises.Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions during your installation. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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