Kitchen Safe Time Locking Container (Medium), Timed Lock Box for Cell Phones, Snacks, and other unwanted temptations (White Lid + 14 cm White Base)

Price: £59.90
(as of Oct 18,2022 14:35:15 UTC – Details)

The Kitchen Safe is the time-lock container designed to help us fight temptations. USA Today and TIME Magazine call it “Brilliant!” Here's how it works:

1) Place an item in the Kitchen Safe

2) Rotate the button to set the timer (from 1 minute to 10 days)

3) Press the button to activate the lock

Once locked, the Kitchen Safe cannot be opened until the timer reaches zero. Seriously, there are no overrides! Once it's locked, its locked!

Studies of highly successful people show that the best strategy for achieving goals is to avoid relying on willpower in all situations. These people are more likely to use something called precommitment, which significantly improves odds of achieving goals. Precommitment is the notion of committing to a smart choice early, when we know we will be tempted by a bad choice later. The Kitchen Safe is a tool that enables us to precommit to smart choices.

Plus, it's really fun to use. Who doesn't like spinning and pressing a giant button?

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