Kitchen Timer,Cartoon Timer 60 Minutes Chronograph Baking Cooking Reminder,Cooking Countdown Reminder Convenient Kitchen Gadgets (Pomodoro)

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Product name: Kitchen Timer
Style: Cartoon
Uses: kitchen
Maximum timing: 60 minutes
Product size 68*70mm
Styles: vegetable yellow, vegetable orange, vegetable red, vegetable white, calf white, calf purple, bear white, bear purple, panda pink, panda black, panda blue, puppy gray, puppy khaki, puppy brown, Frog Pink, Frog Yellow, Frog Green, Pomodoro, Piglet Pink, Piglet Khaki, Big Eyed Eagle Red, Big Eyed Eagle Blue, Big Eyed Eagle Orange, Big Eyed Eagle Purple, Tambull White, Tambull Brown
1: First turn clockwise from 0-55 to 55 scale, and tighten the spring. (Exceeding the scale will reverse the damage to the gear, and the scale cannot rotate directly counterclockwise in the direction of 55 at 0).
2: Back to the required time scale again (if the time is 5 minutes, you can go back to the scale 5).
3: Place it, wait for the bell to remind
4: Remember! Wind up every time, if it is screwed directly to the timing time, it will not sound.
Because there is a gap in the operation of the gear structure, the ringing time error is about 1 minute, please know

USES: It can be used for cooking, cooking, beauty skin care, pickled food, reading and learning, etc.. Regular reminders within 60 minutes.
CRISP RINGTONE: Turn the timer along the scale line from 0-55 to the 55 scale to tighten the clockwork, and then select the time you set to send out a clear ringtone at the time.
A VARIETY OF STYLES: this product has a variety of styles and colors to meet the needs of different people
QUALITY SERVICE: If you have any questions, please contact us and we will answer you within 24 hours. If you encounter any problems after purchase, please contact us, we will try our best to solve these problems until you are satisfied.

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