Price: £111.77
(as of Sep 19, 2023 10:13:07 UTC – Details)

Multi-functional station shows you temperature and humidity indoors, as well as up to 3 additional rooms. Displays a smiley face for comfortable room climate (within +66.2°F to 77°F and 40 to 60% range) or frowny face, if at uncomfortable levels inside your home. Writable display (pencil only) to identify each room you’re monitoring from a storage room, basement, garage or other source. From the garage to the attic, let the wireless technology leave you in comfort knowing room conditions elsewhere. Battery operation and offers a wireless range over 330ft (100m) from included transmitting sensors.
Monitors indoor temperature (F/C) and humidity (percent RH) with trend arrows
Comfort Indicator Smiley Face Icon: Temperature measures between 66.2°F to 77°F (19°C to 25°C) and Humidity between 40% and 60%; Comfort Indicator Sad Face Icon: When values are outside the above range
Records Hi/lo temperature and humidity values (auto Reset nightly at 12 midnight)
Atomic self-setting time and date with automatic DST Reset (on/off option) and 12- or 24-hour view

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