LEGO 75938 Jurassic World T. Rex vs Dino-Mech Battle Action Figures, Mighty Dinosaurs Toys for Kids

Price: £73.99
(as of Aug 11,2020 00:59:08 UTC – Details)

Action-packed dinosaur adventures are guaranteed as youngsters play out a LEGO Jurassic World 75938 T.Rex vs Dino-Mech battle and seek hidden treasure in the Isla Nublar volcano. Molded, buildable T.Rex toy dinosaur figure features (for June-2019) colours, snapping jaws and a posable head, arms and legs. Dino-Mech features an opening minifigure cockpit with detailed dashboard, snapping jaws, posable head, arms, claws, legs and a tail. The toy boat features two stud shooters, a tranquiliser gun and ammo storage container with four ammo elements. (Please note: boat does not float in water) and accessory elements include Owen Grady’s walkie-talkie and Danny Nedermeyer’s soda can element. Four baby velociraptor toy figures are named Blue, Delta, Echo and Charlie to make a ideal dinosaur gift for kids.

T. Rex LEGO toy dinosaur figure measures over 4 Inch (11 cm) high, 11 Inch (28 cm) long and 2 Inch (6 cm) wide. Dino-Mech measures over 5 Inch (14 cm) high, 12 Inch (33 cm) long and 5 Inch (13 cm) wide. Volcanic rock measures over 5 Inch (14 cm) high, 7 Inch (20 cm) wide and 5 Inch (13 cm) deep. Boat measures 5 Inch (13 cm) long and 3 Inch (8 cm) wide.

Contains 716 pieces.

T. Rex dinosaur figure and dino-mech feature snapping jaws and a posable head, arms and legs. Dino-mech also has an opening minifigure cockpit
The boat has two stud shooters and a tranquiliser gun to inspire kids to role-play jurassic world scenes and create their own stories
Includes four (for-June-2019) minifigures: Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, Vic Hoskins and Danny Nedermeyer, plus four baby dino and two bat figures
The volcanic rock features lava elements, an opening function and a treasure chest with assorted treasure elements like gold coins and bars

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