Lock Pick Set, Preciva 26-Piece Lock Picking Tools, Lock Picks Kit with 4 Transparent Padlock for Beginner and Locksmith Training (Transparent)

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Product Description


Thank you for choosing Preciva 26 pieces lock pick set!


Challenge and Entertainment

Lock pick tool set is a useful skill that can become a lifeguard when you lose your key. You can use simple tools, patience and some knowledge to choose the most common locks. You will need to prepare to collect the lock picking tool and to lubricate the lock in order to release the lock by setting the pin of the locking mechanism.




Level 1:Padlock

Our transparent padlock is ideal for beginners.

The lock is designed so that you can easily understand the mechanism. This reduces the training effort by half!

Level 2-3: Double-sided lock

The 2-in-1 door lock offers a double challenge. One side is harder to open than the other.

The principle of the lock is similar to most door locks. This saves you the key service under emergency!

Level 4-5: Outer cylinder lock

Practice with different lock types to develop your skills.

This lock, most difficult to open, is a real challenge.

If you can do that, you will be professional.


Preciva 26-piece combination of lock pick set, including 12 lock picks, 5 wrenches, 4 transparent training locks for beginners and professional locksmiths.

With the Preciva transparent lock pick tool set, you can easily unlock the technology, observe how it works and try to become a locksmith yourself. This tool is of course not only suitable for transparent practice locks, but also for opening real locks. The perfect lock set for entry, with 4 different locks, it is ideal for practicing, playing and trying out all locking techniques that want to become one.



12* Lock picks

5* Wrenches

4* Different transparent locks

4* Set of Unlocking keys

1* Instruction

1* Bag

1* Brand gift box

High-quality Stainless Steel Picks: These picks are made of precision, smooth stainless steel, strong enough to open the lock. And this non-slip plastic handles ensures your comfortable grip feeling.
Outstanding Entertaining and Learning: Lock picking is not only a funny hobby, but also a valuable skill to bring yourself home in the event of a problem and a good educational tool for children to develop intelligence.
4 Practice Locks Provide 5 Challenges: 1 slotted padlock, 1 AB lock, 1 flat cylinder lock and 1 cross cylinder lock(from easy to harder) so that you can get the mechanism behind unlocking right from the beginning.
Widely Used in Life: Different lock picking tools are enough to try different types of locks. Such as bicycle locks, houses, living room and room doors, padlocks, file cabinets and drawer locks.

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