Luna Sundara 100 g. Palo Santo Smudging Sticks from Peru Sustainably Harvested Quality Hand Picked – (Approximately 10-15 Sticks)

Price: £22.51
(as of Nov 23,2022 00:36:53 UTC – Details)

Smudging is an activity that everyone can enjoy, as long as you remain respectful and open minded about the history of Peruvian native people. Luna Sundara aims to foster an inclusive environment for all and elevate Latin American culture and products.
Our Palo Santo sticks come from trees that die in a natural way, during this process of decomposition the tree is compressed, secreting its oil and acquiring its medicinal and aromatic properties. The tree remains uncollected for three to four years. Cutting a Palo Santo tree without the decomposition process won’t result in the same benefits.
Palo Santo was mainly used by Peruvian shamans in their religious and spiritual rituals as a tool to bring good luck, ward off any signs of negativity and as a means of getting a better spiritual connection.
We are a Fair Trade focused company so all of our Palo Santo is obtained through fair business practices for the workers in South America as well as for the environment.
100 Grams of sustainably harvested Palo Santo are hand picked for quality. Comes in a reusable cotton drawstring bag.

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