Masontops Tough Tops – Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lid – White – BPA-Free Plastic Screw Caps – Reusable Airtight Storage Covers

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Product Description

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The classic mason jar is a staple kitchen tool for canning and preserving vegetables and even filling with screws and fasteners in the garage or workshop. Their major drawback is the steel lid and band will rust and warp over time, possibly resulting in the contamination of the foods and liquids inside the jar. Available for both wide mouth and regular mouth jars, Masontops Tough Tops are made of durable BPA-free plastic and contain no toxic chemicals (such as phthalates) so they’ll provide many years of use without rusting or warping. Tough Tops feature a custom-engineered silcone gaskets that fits precisely inside the lid, so it won’t slip out like most similar rings. The gasket provides a perfect airtight seal, so liquids won’t leak out and bacteria won’t get inside. These lids also feature faceted sides with make them easier to open and close and prevents jars from rolling when on their side. And you can use them in every room of your home, in the workshop and even the office. They make excellent storage containers for liquid and dry foods, they’re great in the bathroom for storing bandaids and other first aid materials, for beauty and craft supplies and yes, they’re great for organizing fasteners and other hardware items in the garage. Their premium quality construction allows them to stand up to years of dishwasher heat and freezer temperatures. You can trust the experts at Masontops for the best and most durable mason jar tools and accessories!

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Leak-Proof & Airtight

The precision threading on Masontops lids make them the most reliable tops for wide mouth and regular mouth mason jars. And the custom-engineered fit of the silicone gaskets keeps it in place, unlike many other similar rings that start to come loose early in their lifespan. The gasket ensures an airtight seal to keep contaminants out and liquids in!

Food Safe BPA-Free Materials

You can rely on Masontops to ensure you’re getting non-toxic materials in all of our mason jar lids and accessories. Don’t settle for inferior tops! Ours are certified BPA-free and contain no phthalates than can be harmful to human health. So you won’t have to worry about toxins leaching into your food and drink. Just another reason to trust the experts at Masontops.

Dishwasher & Freezer Safe

Just because our Tough Tops don’t contain harmful toxins like many other plastic food containers doesn’t mean they won’t stand up to years of temperature extremes in the dishwasher or freezer. We make them with thick, durable plastics that won’t crack, chip or warp under stress. So you can be confident they’re the right choice for long lasting and reliable food and beverage storage.

Multi-Purpose Versatility

Not only are Tough Tops the lids of choice for airtight and spill-proof food and liquid storage, they are handy organizers for a wide variety of household items and business supplies. They’re great for first aid materials, beauty supplies, craft items, office supplies and for organizing fasteners in the garage or workshop. And their faceted sides make them easy to open, so you’ll find using them every day won’t be hard on your hands!

Part of an Award-Winning Brand

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Precision Fit for Every Mason Jar

Mason Tops makes Tough Tops for both wide mouth and regular mouth mason jars by all manufacturers. The lids are threaded precisely with premium quality plastic, so they’ll screw on and off trouble-free for years to come. And the silicone gasket sits perfectly within its housing so it won’t come loose and fall out like other brands. You can always expect the best accessories from the pros at Masontops!

From the Mason Jar Experts

Masontops is the name to trust for the most innovative and durable mason jar tools and accessories. We make the most advanced lids and tools for everything from home veggie, kefir and kombucha fermentation, to seed sprouting and more. Our Tough Tops are the perfect solution for leak proof and airtight storage of food and drink – and for organizing hundreds of items in your home, office and workshop.

Part of an Award-Winning Brand

Masontops focuses on making accessories for Mason jars, with a special emphasis on health and wellness. Founded in 2014, Masontops has been recognized as Canada’s 8th Fastest Growing Start Up and has since grown to offer hundreds of different products under the Masontops, Breadsmart and Dinneractive brands. Headquartered in Toronto, Masontops strives to offer quality, unique products, all designed in-house.

100% FOOD SAFE PLASTIC: We’ve designed our Tough Tops using premium quality food-safe plastics. They’re free of BPA plastic and contain no phthalate, so they won’t leach toxic chemicals into your food & drink. Great for soup, yogurt & sports drinks.
SUPER VERSATILE & MULTI-PURPOSE: You’ll get endless ideas for your see-through jars both at home and in the office. The airtight seal makes them perfect for storing everything from first aid & beauty supplies, to craft items, hardware and much more!
FACETED SIDES FOR EASY OPENING: Tough Tops provide a sure airtight seal, but that doesn’t mean they’re hard to open and close. The facected sides provide an easy grip. This also prevents the jar from rolling off the counter if it falls on its side.
WILL NEVER RUST OR WARP: Tough Tops live up to their name. They’re made of durable plastic to last for many years without rusting or warping like regular mason jar lid and band tops can. And they have no problem going into the dishwasher or freezer.

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