Mauts Valentine’s Day love balloon set, pink aluminum film large lips,large love aluminum film balloon, suitable for Valentine’s Day decoration party (pink)

Price: £12.99
(as of Jan 13,2021 17:53:12 UTC – Details)

【high quality】This is a high-quality love balloon set. Each set of products has undergone strict inspection and is of large size. The size of balloons on the market is measured according to the size before inflation, and the size we measured It is measured after the balloon is inflated, so you can know the actual size of the balloon more clearly (shown in the second picture).
【Unique style】This LOVE balloon set is finally assembled after repeated matching. The solid balloons are matched with light-transmitting balloons. It is like a bubble bath, very dreamy, and oversized balloons. It will definitely be an eye-catching Valentine’s Day party.
【Applicable scene】Organize a surprise party, recommend your girlfriend, anniversary or Valentine’s Day! Use this LOVE party suit to light up the event and make your special day more memorable! It is also ready for Valentine’s Day parties, weddings, birthdays, baby welcome parties, Mother’s Day, and easy-to-create festive atmospheres.
【Surprise party】You can use them to decorate other places. You will find more interesting things. Fill the room with nitrogen, but be careful not to be too full, they will float to make your lover feel a dreamlike wonderland when they enter the door. Finally, I wish you all the best!

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