Mowgli Street Food: Stories and recipes from the Mowgli Street Food restaurants

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‘Beautiful, tasty, delicious food that I could eat every day.’ Simon Rimmer, Sunday Brunch

This unique collection of recipes and stories from Nisha Katona’s Mowgli Street Food restaurants brings you the best of their beloved menu, and much more.

As seen on BBC2’s Top of the Shop with Tom Kerridge, Sunday Brunch, and BBC Radio 4’s The Kitchen Cabinet, Nisha unlocks the secrets of her most successful recipes.

Discover how to recreate the iconic Angry Bird, the signature flavours of the House Lamb Curry, and of course, the secrets of the taste explosion that are Chat Bombs.

Try tempting snacks like the Fenugreek Kissed Fries, spice up your dinner with a whole host of delicious dahls, and indulge in desserts, drinks and cocktails from a Cardamom Custard Tart to a Sweet Delhi Diazepam.

From showstopping slaws to the ultimate Aloo Ghobi, Mother Butter Chicken to Calcutta Tangled Greens, each dish truly captures the smash-and-grab zing of Indian food.

From the Publisher

Nisha Katona Cooking Cookery Food Indian Asian Cuisine TV ChefNisha Katona Cooking Cookery Food Indian Asian Cuisine TV Chef

Nisha’s Mowgli Empire

Liverpudlian barrister, chef and entrepreneur, Nisha Katona, opened the first Mowgli Street Food restaurant in Liverpool in 2014, after realising that she was missing the informal, honest, smash-and-grab, big-flavoured concept of true Indian food in the UK. Her first humble restaurant business has snowballed into the growing empire of Mowgli restaurants opening and operating up and down the UK, beloved for their fresh and tasty Indian home cooking (and famous Chip Butties). A familiar face on Lorraine, This Morning and Sunday Brunch, Nisha has been sharing her love of authentic Indian family cooking and zingy, spiced dishes across the UK and won herself a reputation as a dedicated curry evangelist. Breaking down the barriers between the home cook and delicious Indian cuisine, Mowgli Street Food the cookbook is a guide for flavour-lovers of any experience and any background.

Dishes from the Mowgli Restaurants

Angry ChickenAngry Chicken

Chat BombsChat Bombs

Chip ButtyChip Butty

Angry Chicken

The signature marinade Angry Bird is renowned as being the magic ingredient for Mowgli’s tender, tasty and slightly spicy chicken drumsticks.

Chat Bombs

Known in India as dahi puri, these are the ultimate flavour grenade and our biggest seller by far at Mowgli. They have their own Twitter following and fan club!

Chip Butty

A spin on a simple chip butty, this spice-filled and flavour rich roti-wrapped dish is a firm favourite with Mowgli customers.

Mowgli CookbookMowgli Cookbook

Immerse Yourself in the Mowgli Way of Life

Mowgli is based on the way that Indians eat at home and on their streets: fresh, zingy, hectic, colourful flavours. But calling it ‘street food’ loses some of itself in translation and suggests something far less than it is. Street food in the whole of the East is a far cry from the ubiquitous strap line we overuse in the West. Indian eating when not done at home is most often practised outside, on the street, on the move, chatting to people around you. Bhajis of courgette flowers, densely battered and beautifully spiced; cones of roasted chickpeas, devoured by everyone from businessmen to children dawdling on their way home from school; delicately aromatic curries served in banana leaf bowls. All of these are recreated in the pages of this book.

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