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-Multifunctional drawstring is made of environmentally friendly foam, high elastic latex tube and non-slip nitrile rubber, safe and non-toxic, not easy to deform, with high tensile strength and good elasticity.

-It can only help with rehabilitation exercises, reduce adults and strengthen muscles, and also prevent cervical and lumbar spine injuries, thereby helping you maintain a healthy body.

-Used for yoga, contraction exercises, rehabilitation exercises and other fitness exercises.

-Small size foot pedal telescopic belt is very suitable to carry it anywhere, whether it is at home, gym, office or on the road, you can carry it at any time.

-This is the best gift for weight loss, suitable for your family and friends.


1.Material: environmentally friendly foam, high elastic latex tube and non-slip nitrile rubber

2.Size: 45 * 2cm

3.Color: pink, purple,

4.Purpose: Yoga, stretching and other fitness exercises

5.Weight: 250g

6.Package includes: 1 x pedal bungee cord

2.Fat reduction and body sculpting: This foot strap can exercise arms, shoulders, abdomen, legs, buttocks and other body parts, which is helpful for rehabilitation exercises, fat reduction and muscle exercise. Improve stretch and flexibility.
3. Size: 45 * 2cm, with four pull strings; the sports belt is ergonomically designed and has a design that is completely suitable for the hand; it is small in size and can be carried with you.
4. Physical exercise: 4 strands of strength are required at most, full tension is equivalent to 12 kilograms; 10 minutes per exercise / 3 groups, equivalent to 1 hour of running or 20 minutes of swimming.
5. Widely used: The portable and safe pedal belt can be used in offices, homes, gyms, hotels and other places. Suitable for yoga, rehabilitation exercises, stretching, sitting exercises and other fitness exercises.

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