(New Aug) UG Dog Man The Flip-O-Rama Game (unit 2)

Price: £55.74
(as of May 26,2023 22:49:45 UTC – Details)

Everyone loves Flip-o-Ramas from Dav Pilkey’s bestselling books! In this game, players stack Flip-o-Rama Cards in the middle of the play area and take turns flipping them over. The first player to spot a Flip-o-Rama match dings the Bell. The player to collect the most Flip-o-Rama Cards wins!
EASY TO LEARN: Get playing this family-friendly game in seconds. Lay out the cards and get flipping! With one simple rule – find the matching Flip-o-Ramas – this game is easy to learn and fun to play.
FEATURES DOG MAN FLIP-O-RAMAS: Kids everywhere the Flip-o-Ramas from the Dav Pilkey’s bestselling Dog Man book series. This game features 31 supa-funny matching Flip-o-Rama Cards.
DEVELOPMENTAL: Reinforces early learning skills of feature matching, fine motor function and social interaction for kids and children. The game is perfect for ages 6 and up and 2 to 4 players.
PLAY ANYWHERE: This card game is compact, great for travel and is ready to play anywhere!

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