Pure Definition Car Interior Cleaning Kit, Glass, Leather, Fabric Cleaner and Accessories – Detailing Set Restores Trim, Upholstery, Plastic and Mirrors

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1 x Glass Creame Polish 250ml 1 x Leather Care Restorer 250ml1 x Fabric Care Restorer 250ml1 x Interior Cockpit Detailer 250ml1 x Thick Plush Microfibre Cloth4 x Applicator Pads

Interior Cleaning Kit

At Pure Definition we know how important it is that your interior is as clean and the exterior of your car. The cleaning and detailing products provided in this kit provide a range of treatments which revive, enhance and maintain all the interior surfaces.

Interior Cockpit DetailerInterior Cockpit Detailer

Interior Cockpit Detailer – 250ml

Interior Cockpit Detailer rejuvenates, maintains and protects exterior vinyl trims, rubber, leather, wood and wood veneer surfaces. It treats the surfaces gently removing any dirt and grime. Additionally, leaving a fresh refreshing fragrance.

Interior Cockpit Detailer is gentle but effective, focusing on safely removing dirt and grime without harming the surface.

Once Interior Cockpit Detailer is applied, it creates a tough, clear, flexible and protective coating. The clear coating protects against damaging UV radiation, helps in repelling dust with its anti static properties and creates a barrier against moisture.

Glass Cream PolishGlass Cream Polish

Glass Cream Polish – 250ml

Glass Creame Polish is developed utilizing the latest technology, giving outstanding cleaning results without the formulation of dust. It is easy to use and is exceptionally fast at removing all contaminants from glass or ceramic Surfaces.

The specialist cleaning and polishing agents within the formulation remove all common contaminants such as, grease, wax, insect marks and traffic film. It leaves glass with a crystal clear, smear free finish which can be used inside and out of the vehicle. Unlike many other domestic cleaners, the innovative formulation in the Glass Creame Polish is silicone free. This prevents dangerous smearing on the windscreen in wet weather.

Fabric Care RestorerFabric Care Restorer

Fabric Care Restorer – 250ml

Fabric Care Restorer is suitable for use on all interior fabrics such as carpet, headlining, mats and doors. The formulation is developed as an excellent spot remover for the elimination of stains, tar, glue, chewing gum and grease.

Once the fabric care restorer is applied, the formulation cleans deep into the fabric and lifts any dirt and grime away from the surface. Not only are the stains removed, but the odours associated with them are additionally eliminated.

Once the fabric care restorer has been used, leave the fabric to dry. The formulation will evaporate completely.

Leather Care RestorerLeather Care Restorer

Leather Care Restorer – 250ml

Leather care restorer is one of the easiest and most friendly leather cleaners. It is gentle, but effective, focusing on safely removing dirt and grime without harming the leather. Additionally, using leather care restorer frequently helps in preserving the leather, keeping it soft and supple.

Once the leather care is applied it penetrates the pores, lifting the dirt and grime away from the surface. No streaky or soapy residue will be left after the cleaning process has been completed.  The formulation is completely colourless and without a scent, this is to ensure that the colour and natural smell of the leather is left intact.

About Pure Definition


Established by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts, built on the foundations of passion and innovation. All Pure Definition products are purpose built and developed from the ground up focusing on leading-edge innovative technologies. Creating revolutionary results for the purest definition.

We are passionate about what goes into our products and want you to care as much about what detailing treatments you put onto your car as we do. Our products are designed to work simply and effectively, while dealing with the specific issues faced in car care, guaranteeing a quality finish.

Remove Dirt & Stains From All Interior Surfaces Such As Plastic, Fabric, Leather etc.
Rejuvenate & Maintain The Interior Surfaces Quickly & Easily
Cleans Deep Into The Fibres To Remove Dirt & Grime
Crystal Clear & Smear Free Finish On Glass

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