Queen and Prince William carried out almost half of their engagements virtually in 2020

Date   Name of EngagementAttended  11/01/2020   Trip to Oman  In Person 15/01/2020   Reception for Mountain Rescue teams  In Person  16/01/2020   Service of Thanksgiving for the Life of Sir Michael Marshall In Person  19/01/2020   Recital and Dinner for Opera Australia In Person  19/01/2020   Call with The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Phone  20/01/2020   Reception for Members of the Scottish Parliament. In Person  20/01/2020   The Prince’s Foundation meeting  In Person  20/01/2020   Meeting for the International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism In Person  20/01/2020   North Highland Initiative meeting In Person  20/01/2020   Crown Estate Scotland meeting In Person  20/01/2020   The Prince’s Foundation Dinner In Person  21/01/2020   The Prince’s Foundation meetingIn Person  21/01/2020   Scottish Tartans Authority meetingIn Person  21/01/2020   Meeting with Colonel Nicholas Millen upon relinquishing his appointment as Regimental ColonelIn Person  21/01/2020   Meeting with Major General Timothy Hyams upon assuming the appointmentIn Person  21/01/2020   Received Ambassador from the Republic of Indonesia to the Court of St. James’s In Person  21/01/2020   The Prince’s Foundation Dinner In Person  22/01/2020   Attended World Econic Forum in Davos In Person  23/01/2020   Met with Holocaust survivors at the Israel Museum , JerusalemIn Person  23/01/2020   Visit to Shrine of the Book at the Israel MuseumIn Person  23/01/2020   World Holocaust Forum at Yad Vashem In Person  23/01/2020   Reception given by Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the State of Israel In Person 24/01/2020   Mosque of Omar, Manger Square, Bethlehem In Person  24/01/2020   Church Service to celebrate the role of Christians in the Middle East In Person  24/01/2020   Visit to Nativity Grotto and birthplace of Christ, BethlehemIn Person  24/01/2020   Reception at Casa Nova Pilgrim Guest House, BethlehemIn Person  24/01/2020   Visit to The President of the Palestinian Authority In Person  24/01/2020   Visit to an olive grove at Al Karmel Convent In Person  24/01/2020   Church of Mary Magdalene, Mount of Olives, Jerusalem In Person  28/01/2020   National Centre for Propulsion and Power Launch in Cambridge In Person  4/02/2020   T.K Maxx visit in Tooting In Person  4/02/2020   British Asian Trust meeting In Person  4/02/2020   Reception, Banqueting House In Person  5/02/2020   Received Dame Amelia Fawcett, Chairman, Board of Trustees, and Mr. Richard Deverell, Director of Royal Botanic GardensIn Person  5/02/2020   Received Members of the Yazidi Choir In Person  6/02/2020   Reception for Plantlife International In Person  6/02/2020   Business in the Community meetingIn Person  6/02/2020   Meeting for the Professional Teaching Institute. In Person  6/02/2020   Received Mr. Ben van Beurden (Chief Executive Office, Royal Dutch Shell plc.), Mrs. Sinead Lynch (Chairman, Shell UK Limited) and Mrs. Susan Shannon (Vice President Government Relations) In Person  7/02/2020   Curlew and Other Priority Species Recovery SummitIn Person  10/02/2020   Visit to Gloucestershire  In Person  11/02/2020   Visit to Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Stanford Hall, Stanford on SoarIn Person 11/02/2020   Visit to Leicester Market In Person  11/02/2020   Launched British Asian Trust’s Midlands Chapter In Person  11/02/2020   Cambridge Satchel Company Factory, Fosse Way In Person  12/02/2020   Business in the Community meetingIn Person  12/02/2020   Duchy of Lancaster meetingIn Person  12/02/2020   Crown Estate meeting In Person  13/02/2020   Visit to Tower of London In Person  13/02/2020   Reception at Tower of London In Person  13/02/2020   Visit to Cabinet Office, 70 Whitehall In Person  13/02/2020   The Prince’s Group meeting In Person  13/02/2020   Received Mr. Peter Hill (Chief Executive Officer, 2020 United Nations Climate Change Conference In Person  13.02/2020   “Invest-in-Futures” Reception at Kensington Palace. In Person  17/02/2020   Meeting with Major General David Rutherford-Jones upon relinquishing his appointment as Regimental ColonelIn Person  17/02/2020   Meeting with Major General Timothy Hyams upon assuming the appointmentIn Person  17/02/2020   Visit to Emma Willis Limited, Bearland House, Longsmith Street, Gloucester In Person  18/02/2020   Visit of Royal Shakespeare Company costume workshop in Startford-Upn-AvonIn Person  18/02/2020   Visit of National Automotive Innovation Centre, Lord Bhattacharyya Way, CoventryIn Person  18/02/2020   Visit to Nicholas Chamberlaine Almshouses, All Saints Square, Bedworth In Person  18/02/2020   Veterans Contact Point, Armed Forces Centre in Nuneaton In Person  21/02/2020   Visit to CAF Manufacturing Facility, NewportIn Person  21/02/2020   Visit to Aston Martin, St. Athan, Barry In Person  21/02/2020   Visit to British Airways Maintenance Cardiff Limited, Barry In Person  21/02/2020   Visit to Marie Curie Hospice, Cardiff and the Vale In Person  21/02/2020   Visit to flood-affected area of Pontypridd In Person  24/02/2020   Received Ms. Clare Pillman (Chief Executive, Natural Resources Wales)In Person  25/02/2020   Meeting with the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council. In Person  3/03/2020   Visit to Royal College of Music In Person  3/03/2020   Received the Rt. Hon. Boris Johnson MP (Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury). In Person  3/03/2020   Received Major General Shaikh Nasser Bin Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa (National Security Adviser and Representative for Charity Works and Youth Affairs, the Kingdom of Bahrain) In Person  4/03/2020   London Transport Museum visitIn Person  4/03/2020   Royal Collection Trust trustees meeting In Person  4/03/2020   British Red Cross Society Dinner In Person  4/03/2020   Mr. Pavan Sukhdev (President, WWF-International). In Person  5/03/2020   Visit to Jesus College, University of OxfordIn Person  5/03/2020   Visit to Kellogg College, University of Oxford In Person  5/03/2020   Investiture on behalf of the Queen In Person  6/03/2020   Visit to Celtic Sheepskin and Company Limited, NewquayIn Person  6/03/2020   Reception to mark the Thirtieth Anniversary of Surfers Against Sewage In Person  6/03/2020   Pfficially opened Nansledan School In Person  9/03/2020   Commonwealth Day Church Service at Westminster Abbey In Person  9/03/2020   Reception given by the Commonwealth Secretary-General In Person  10/03/2020   WaterAid Summit In Person  10/03/2020   Meeting with Commonwealth High Commissioners In Person  10/03/2020   International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism meetingIn Person  10/03/2020   University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership In Person  10/03/2020   The Prince’s Trust DinnerIn Person  11/03/2020   Received Mr. Anthony Pratt (Founding and Cornerstone Patron, The Prince’s Trust Australia In Person  11/03/2020   The Prince’s Trust Awards at the London Palladium In Person  12/03/2020   Investiture on behalf of the Queen In Person  12/03/2020   The Prince’s Trust meetingIn Person  12/03/2020   Received Mr. Mark Carney (Governor of the Bank of England). In Person  12/03/2020   Dinner in aid of the Australian Bushfire Appeal In Person  25/03/2020   Meeting with Professor Klaus Schwab (Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum Phone  25/03/2020   Meeting with the Rt. Hon. David Miliband (President and Chief Executive Officer of International Rescue Committee UK)Phone  27/03/2020   Meeting with Mr. David Bernstein (Chairman) and Mr. Michael Adamson (Chief Executive) of  the British Red Cross SocietyPhone  2/04/2020   Meeting with Mr. Narendra Modi MP (Prime Minister of the Republic of India) Phone  3/04/2020   National Health Service Nightingale Hospital launchVideo 6/04/2020   Meeting with Mr. Timothy Parker, Chairman, and Mrs. Hilary McGrady, Director-General of the National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural BeautyPhone  7/04/2020   Sustainable Markets Meeting Video  8/04/2020   Meeting with the Commissioners of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce’s Food, Farming and Countryside Commission Phone  9/04/2020   Meeting with Mrs. Ruth Sutherland, Chief Executive of SamaritansPhone  14/04/2020   Meeting with Mrs. Teresa Tideman, Chairman of the Board of Trustees,  and Mrs. Rosanne Gray, Chief Executive of In Kind DirectPhone  14/04/2020   Meeting with the Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau MP (Prime Minister of Canada) Phone  15/04/2020   Meeting with Dame Vivian Hunt, Chairman, and Mr. Russell Hobby, Chief Executive of Teach FirstPhone  17/04/2020   Meeting with the Trustees of His Royal Highness’s Benevolent Fund Phone  17/04/2020   Meeting with the Lord Kakkar, Chairman, and Mr. Richard Murray, Chief Executive of The King’s FundPhone  29/04/2020   Meeting with the Rt. Hon. Nicola Sturgeon MSP (First Minister of the Scottish Government) Phone  30/04/2020   Sustainable Markets Council Meeting Phone  1/05/2020   Meeting with the Hon. Allen Chastanet MP (Prime Minister of Saint Lucia) Phone  1/05/2020   Meeting with the Rt. Hon. Mark Drakeford AM (First Minister of Wales) Phone  5/05/2020   Message of support to the Royal Mail. Video  5/05/2020   Meeting with the Rt. Hon. Brandon Lewis MP (Secretary of State for Northern Ireland) Phone  6/05/2020   Meeting with the Rt. Hon. Arlene Foster MLA (First Minister of Northern Ireland) Phone  6/05/2020   Meeting with Mrs. Michelle O’Neill MLA (deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland) Phone  8/05/2020   Seventy Fifth Anniversary of VE Day In Person  11/05/2020   Meeting with Mr. Simon Coveney (the Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs for Ireland) Phone  19/05/2020   Meeting with Dame Martina Milburn, Group Chief Executive, and Mr. Shabir Randeree, Council Member of The Prince’s TrustPhone  22/05/2020   Meeting with The President of the Republic of Rwanda Phone  25/05/2020   Meeting with Mr. António Guterres (Secretary-General of the United Nations)Phone  26/05/2020   Meeting with the Rt. Hon. Mia Mottley MP (Prime Minister of Barbados) Phone  20/05/2020   Meeting of the Advisory Council of British Asian Trust Video  3/06/2020   Launch of the Great Reset Video 4/06/2020   Meeting for the Sustainable Markets Initiative Video  4/06/2020   Meeting with the Rt. Hon. David Miliband, President and Chief Executive Officer of International Rescue Committee in the UKPhone  5/06/2020   Meeting with Sir Ciarán Devane, Chief Executive of British Council Phone  8/06/2020   Meeting with The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Phone  9/06/2020   Royal College of Nursing Prince of Wales Nursing Cadet Scheme Phone 9/06/2020   Meeting with the Commonwealth Secretary-General (the Baroness Scotland of Asthal) Phone  10/06/2020   Meeting with the Rt. Hon. Jacinda Ardern MP (Prime Minister of New Zealand) Phone  10/06/2020   Meeting with Major General Christopher Ghika (General Officer Commanding London District and Major General Commanding the Household Division) Phone  10/06/2020   Meeting via video link with the Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau MP (Prime Minister of Canada) and Commonwealth Ambassadors to the United Nations Phone  12/06/2020   Meeting of The Prince’s Council Phone  12/06/2020   Meeting with The President of the Republic of Colombia Phone  16/06/2020   Gloucestershire Royal Hospital visit In Person  16/06/2020   Royal Drawing School meeting Phone  16/06/2020   Meeting with The President of the Republic of Chile Phone  18/06/2020   Eightieth Anniversary of the formation of the French Resistance In Person  1/07/2020   Visit to Cotswold Farm Park In Person  1/07/2020   Visit to Shipton Mill Limited, Long Newnton In Person  2/07/2020   Visit to Transport For London In Person  3/07/2020   The Prince’s Trust meeting In Person  2/07/2020   Royal Drawing School  meeting In Person  6/07/2020   Accounting for Sustainability Chief Financial Officer Leadership Network Roundtable Meeting Video  6/07/2020   Visit to Swindon Fire Station In Person  6/07/2020   Visit to Swindon Borough CouncilIn Person  7/07/2020   Received Mr. Kenneth McCullum upon assuming his appointment as Director General, British Security Service. In Person  9/07/2020   Visit to Asda Distribution Centre In Person  9/07/2020   Visit to Turnbull and Asser, Sabre Close, Quedgeley In Person  13/07/2020   Visit to Edwards Coaches, Abercynon, Wales In Person  13/07/2020   Visit to Prince Charles Hospital, Mid Glamorgan In Person  14/07/2020   Meeting of the Trustees of the Royal Collection TrustPhone  16/07/2020   Commissioning Ceremony at Royal Air Force College In Person  17/07/2020   Visit of Llandovery Hospital In Person  17/07/2020   Meeting for the Sustainable Markets Video  20/07/2020   Visit to Tintagel Bridge In Person  21/07/2020   Visit to Treverbyn Community Hall Stenalees, meeting children from Treverbyn AcademyIn Person  21/07/2020   Visit to St. Austell Healthcare, CornwallIn Person  21/07/2020   Prince’s Trust meetingVideo  21/07/2020   Meeting for the Sustainable Markets Initiative Video  22/07/2020   Visit to Middlemoor Fire Station In Person  23/07/2020   Received Sir Andrew Parker upon relinquishing his appointment as Director General, British Security Service. In Person  23/07/2020   Meeting for the Sustainable Markets Video  28/07/2020   University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership In Person  31/07/2020   Visit of Caithness General HospitalIn Person  4/08/2020   Received recipients of the North Highland Initiative Covid Fund and representatives of local Caithness businesses and charities In Person  12/08/2020   Meeting for the Sustainable Markets Initiative Video  14/08/2020   Visit to Emergency Services teams in Stonehaven In Person  15/08/2020   Seventy Fifth Anniversary of VJ Day In Person  9/09/2020   The Prince’s Foundation dinner  In Person  10/09/2020   Received an update on the Foundation’s future textiles programme, at Dumfries House In Person  10/09/2020   The Prince’s Foundation meeting In Person  10/09/2020   The Prince’s Foundation dinner In Person  11/09/2020   The Prince’s Foundation meeting In Person  11/09/2020   The Prince’s Foundation dinner In Person  18/09/2002   Meeting for the Sustainable Markets Initiative  Video  24/09/2020   Meeting for the Sustainable Markets Initiative Video  25/09/2020   Received Ms. Grace Noble (Founder, Aberdeenshire Highland Beef In Person  25/09/2020   Received Mr. James Buchan (Business Manager, Scottish Seafood Association In Person  1/10/2020   Received Mr. and Mrs. David Stephen (Owners, Barra Castle)In Person  1/10/2020   Meeting with The President of Ireland In Person  1/10/2020   Meeting for the Sustainable Markets Initiative Video  2/10/2020   Received Mr. and Mrs. Ross Mitchell (Owners, Castleton Fruit Farm)In Person  4/10/2020   Trip to Kuwait In Person  7/10/2020   Received Mr. Ian Urquhart (President, Johnstons of Elgin) and Ms. Jenny Urquhart (Chairman, Johnstons of Elgin). In Person  10/10/2020   Received Fijian representatives from the Regiment to mark the Fiftieth Anniversary of Fijian IndependenceIn Person  10/10/2020   received Lieutenant Colonel Graham Sefton (Commanding Officer)In Person 12/10/2020   Visit to The Royal Dragoon Guards at Alma BarracksIn Person  12/10/2020   Visit to Royal Air Force Menwith Hill, Harrogate In Person  13/10/2020   Atlantic Salmon Trust meeting In Person  21/10/2020   Meeting with the Mayor of Bristol (Mr. Martin Rees) and community leadersIn Person  22/10/2020   The Prince’s Trust and The Prince’s Trust International meeting In Person  22/10/2020   Received His Excellency Mr. Mustafa Al-Kadhimi (Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq)In Person  22/10/2020   Meeting for the Sustainable Markets Initiative Phone  26/10/2020   Received representatives of the Elephant Family In Person  29/10/2020   Received the Rt. Hon. Rishi Sunak MP (Chancellor of the Exchequer). In Person  29/10/2020   Received the Rt. Hon. Alok Sharma MP (Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy In Person  2/11/2020   Received Dame Veronica Courtice upon relinquishing her appointment as Director of the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and Professor Richard Prager upon assuming the appointment. In Person  3/11/2020   Received General Sir Nicholas Carter (Chief of the Defence Staff). 200In Person  3/11/2020   British Asian Trust Meeting In Person  3/11/2020   Meeting for the Sustainable Markets Initiative Video  4/11/2020   The Prince’s Trust meeting Video  4/11/2020   Meeting for the Sustainable Markets Initiative Video  6/11/2020   The Royal Shakespeare Company meetingVideo  8/11/2020   Remembrance Day In Person  10/11/2020   Social Impact Bonds Meeting Video  11/11/2020   Meeting for the Sustainable Markets Initiative Video  11/11/2020   Centenary of the Tomb of the Unknown WarriorIn Person  12/11/2020   Meeting for the Sustainable Markets Initiative Video  13/11/2020   Visit to Royal Air Force Fairford In Person  13/11/2020   Meeting with Dr. Angela Merkel (Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Phone  15/11/2020   Received by The President of the Federal Republic of Germany and Mrs. Elke Budenbender in BerlinIn Person  15/11/2020   Visit to Central Memorial of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Victims of War and Tyranny In Person  15/11/2020   Central Remembrance Ceremony on the National Day of Mourning In Person  16/11/2020   Meeting for the Sustainable Markets InitiativeVideo  18/11/2020   Meeting for the Sustainable Markets Initiative Video  20/11/2020   Meeting for the Sustainable Markets Initiative Video 24/11/2020   Meeting with The President of Ireland Phone  2/12/2020   Visit to National Gallery In Person  2/12/2020   Royal Collection Trust Meeting of the Trustees Phone  2/12/2020   Received Mr. Mark Chester upon relinquishing his appointment as Executive Director of Royal Drawing SchoolIn Person  2/12/2020   Received Mr. David Ross (Chairman of the Trustees of Royal Opera House)In Person  2/12/2020   The Prince’s Trust International meeting Video  3/12/2020   Soho Theatre and 100 Club visit in Central London In Person  3/12/2020   Meeting with Mr. Imran Khan (Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan) Phone  3/12/2020   Meeting for Waitrose Duchy Organic Video     TOTAL ENGAGEMENTS: 227 VIRTUAL: 70  

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