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Avatar SeahorseAvatar Seahorse

The best LED fairy lights on the market, comparator words.

We are passionate about lighting, design and distribute quality cotton ball string lights on a daily basis. Every day we try to do more for you. We listen, adapt to you, we share with you to offer the best products, innovate, but also to do more than decorative objects: a source of well-being, inspiration, decorative ideas, energy, and more who knows.

Live the revolution!

USB adapter.USB adapter.

Dual USB 2A Charger

USB string light – can be connected anywhere (TV, computer, phone charger, power bank, etc) Dual USB charger allows you to connect two garlands, or recharge a USB 5V phone for maximum safety. Safe for children.

2 hours.2 hours.


Easy to use and resistant button with 3 levels of intensity. Can replace a bedside lamp.

Garland Lights PurpleGarland Lights Purple

Unprecedented light projections

Install your string lights wherever you want. Warm and dim light. Does not heat up.

Avatar SeahorseAvatar Seahorse

USB adapter.USB adapter.

2 hours.2 hours.

Garland Lights PurpleGarland Lights Purple

Intensity levels
3. 4. 100. 2. 1.

USB connection + AC adapter included.

2-hour night light

Saves power after switched off.

Remote Control

Self-contained & solar charging.

Number of balls.
16, 24 or 32 16, 24 or 32 16 or 24 16 or 32 3.

Heavy duty cotton braided balls

Natural hemp

High performance LED

Button switch. Remote control 50 metres. Wi-Fi + button switch. Automatic + button switch. Remotely operated or wall switch.

Scandinavian GarledScandinavian Garled

Battery guirled cocktailBattery guirled cocktail Plug it anywhere you want!

With the Guirled power bank (not included) your lights will be on the go. Plug your string lights into the USB battery, and place it wherever you want. With Guirled, no batteries are needed, simply recharge your battery. Battery life up to +60 hours* on one charge. (*With a string of 16 balls at 25%)

And if a garland was no longer the accessory but the energy of your decoration.

Change the mood!
A USB string to plug in everywhere Dual 2A USB power adapter included Unprecedented light projections Quality and innovation. French company.

Decorative ideas

On cushionsOn cushions

Baby ball garland.Baby ball garland.

Unicorn string light basket.Unicorn string light basket.

Gold string of fairy lights.Gold string of fairy lights.

As a decoration in the living room.

The Tagada garland can be combined with all Girly decorations, you almost want to eat it.

For baby decoration.

The Princess Fairy Lights are the perfect accessory for your child’s room, with its 2-hour night light and dim light.

In a wicker basket

All of our garlands put in a basket offer you a DIY light of the first choice! But with the unicorn garland, it is even better.

Arrived on a tray

What could be better than a beautiful gold garland on a gold plate? Try, you will be amazed!

16 resistant balls: finest braided cotton, transparent plastic, suitable for indoor use – 6 cm – 1 colour.
With USB port: includes 2A charger with dual USB interface – high-performance LED bulbs – power consumption < 2W.
Dimmable: 4 brightness levels (100%, 50%, 25%, OFF) – night light function; total length: 3.2m.
Plug & Play System – Easy to install, connected in seconds – Recycled paper housing.
Made and assembled in France.

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