The Essential Keto Diet Book for Beginners: Lose Weight with Easy and Tasty Recipes incl. 30 Days Weight Loss Challenge

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Keto Diet for Beginners

Lose Weight with Easy and Tasty Recipes incl. 30 Days Weight Loss Challenge

Have you ever considered changing your diet to the healthier one or thought about losing weight? Have you ever got lost in the endless flows of online tips, guidelines and nutrition programs?

If so — this book is waiting for you!
This petite and graceful recipe book will open you the door to the Keto universe and dispel all the common myths about it. It will also help you to study the question of dieting fully, and show you more than 50 easy, healthy, and delicious Keto recipes you can cook just for yourself or for the whole family.

Recipes list includes breakfasts, main courses with meat, as well as with seafood and vegetables, salads and snacks, desserts and drinks, sides and dips, and even bread! (because who said that you cannot eat pastry when you are on Keto diet?)

With its` help, you will come to the realization that losing weight is not equal to suffering, and that you still can be enjoying what you eat.

Each recipe includes precise nutrition facts, the list of ingredients with both British and American systems measurements, and sure, — simple and detailed steps you need to follow in order to succeed with your Keto masterpiece!
As pros included, you will receive 30 Days Weight Loss Challenge, so it will be super easy to follow your healthy dream.
Do not withhold your bright and healthy agenda, purchase this book and enjoy yourself straight away!

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