The Herbs Gardening: The complete guide

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There are so many reasons to grow your own herbs. The most important reason is flavor; you just can’t beat the fresh flavor of homegrown herbs. Of course, growing a culinary herb garden is also an easy way to save money on your grocery bill. Store-bought herbs are expensive, often of questionable freshness, and many are hard-to-source. But, savvy gardeners know that most herbs can be easily grown in a home garden or on a sunny deck.
When prepping a new garden, remove any turf and weeds from the site and dig to loosen the soil. Amend with compost or aged manure before planting. After seeds have been sown or seedlings planted, water regularly until the plants are growing well. Perennial herbs like thyme, chives, and sage are very drought tolerant once established. To promote healthy plant growth, fertilize occasionally with an organic herb garden fertilizer.

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