The Hungry Human The Biggest Secrets: Over 100+ delicious recipes and the secrets you need to know to change your life forever!

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My name is Kellie-Marie and I am a Personal Trainer, Level 1 CrossFit Coach and founder of The Nude Food Company. I have strong beliefs when it comes to the power of nutrition and exercise on every element of our lives, including our mental health. I also have strong beliefs that we are so easy to put the blame on other situations or other people as to why we aren’t the way we want to be, but we need to take control of our own lives and put the effort in to be who we want to be.
I decided the person that I want to be and I fuel my body to be able to achieve that. I am very active and have a great level of fitness which I will continue to build on along with my strength. I’ve taken the time out to concentrate on myself and to learn about the effects on our body to the way we eat. I have written this book using all the knowledge which I have built up over the years, both from research and my own personal experiences.

One of my biggest passions in life is understanding and learning about the correlation between the food we eat (our fuel) and then way our bodies perform because of it. Whether your goals are for performance or aesthetics, the food you eat is the foundation and the most important part of it. I believe that the way we eat is one of the most powerful aspects of our entire lives and can affect the way we feel on a daily basis, our mood, our health and our happiness. If we get that right and are able to stick with it as a lifestyle, everything else will become so much easier.

This book gives you a simplistic overview of everything you need to create a lifestyle which you can stick to. We don’t need fancy diets or complicated equations. We just need to understand the very basics, make good goals and stick to it.
The Hungry Human gives you all the information you need to change your life forever.

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