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This book provides information on the DASH diet in order to live healthy, prevent heart disease, reduce blood pressure, and lose weight.

Consuming unhealthy foods e.g. junk food leads to weight gain. Thus, the increase in weight, the body develops many problems. Among these is a decreasing ability to process carbohydrates. This comes from overloading the system with simple sugars. Imagine driving a car like a mad man, racing all over town and driving over bumps and through ruts, without ever changing the oil. The car will wear out very quickly. In the early stages, the car can handle the abuse, but eventually, things start breaking down, and the breakdowns kind of reinforce each other until the car is done. This is kind of what happens to your metabolic system when it’s constantly bombarded with sugar. When you’re young, you can withstand a lot more abuse. You can eat endless pizzas, French fries and drink sodas without any ill effects. However, as you age the damage begins to sink in. Eventually, diabetes and high blood pressure, and maybe even heart attacks and cancer result.

The Mediterranean DASH diet, a style of eating and cooking I have followed for years, makes this very simple. This diet doesn’t involve a ton of rules, and it never sacrifices flavor or nutrients.

I hope you’ll find the information in this book and the recipes as useful and tasty as I do. Here are some things you can expect to find as you make your way through this book:

  • Breakfast Recipes
  • Lunch Recipes
  • Dinner Recipes
  • Snacks
  • Desserts

Combining the two diets creates a unique approach to the DASH diet that is incredibly flexible, full of vegetarian and pescatarian options, and makes cooking at home or eating out easy and achievable. Once you get the hang of the basics and begin to build up your recipe arsenal, tweaking your favorite dishes will become second nature. You will never have to fear running out of recipe ideas again!

Thank you and have a great time enjoying the delicious recipes! Scroll up and BUY NOW!

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