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Long travels are a pain in the neck—literally! The problem with other travel pillows for sleeping is that they can’t prevent your head from flapping down when you’re about to fall asleep. On top of that, you are likely to end up with a lingering pain on your nape and upper back that could last for days.

The SeatSleeper Travel Head Support presents you an original concept and a new, innovative type of travel pillow that addresses these concerns when you’re travelling for business or (especially!) for vacation.

Designed to wrap around your headrest, the SeatSleeper travel pillow for airplanes and cars keeps you upright while sleeping so you can get rested comfortably and relaxed without your head bobbing.

Why you’ll love it:

✓ ULTRA COZY — Your face will love it! Our heads-up strap travel pillow is made with a unique blend of premium 80% acrylic + 20% terylene polyester. Our soft fleece design has a different soft material on each side–pick your favorite! Either short pile, or plush polyester fleece, we selected the softest and coziest materials so you can wake up without marks on your skin.

✓ COMPACT & STYLISH — Definitely not awkward to look at! Because it’s lightweight and small, the SeatSleeper should be one of your travel must haves, especially for long flights. It perfectly fits in any small purse, backpack or travel bag.

✓ADJUSTABLE & EASY TO WASH — Easily shorten or lengthen the buckle strap to fit almost any plane or car headrest—up to approx. 4-feet maximum total length.

Nomadic Travelers
Road Trips
Traveling Business People
Long Flights
Quick nap in your car

We are a small business based in Seattle, USA & we provide personal customer support and listen to every review. Try our new product worry-free. Love it or your money back!

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YOUR NECK-SAVER ON LONG RIDES — Your long travels won’t end up with stiff neck and upper back pain anymore! Arrive at your destination relaxed, rested and ready to go with this simple travelling pillow; made with ultra cozy polyester that caresses your face so you can get the rest you deserve.
LESS CUMBERSOME TRAVEL HEAD SUPPORT — Other travel neck pillows for airplanes and cars are nice but they can be troublesome space-wise and they don’t keep you upright once you fall asleep. The SeatSleeper travel plane pillow is so compact, you can just throw it in a small pocket in your bag!
EASY TO SET UP; ADJUSTABLE — Simply strap the SeatSleeper car & airplane pillow around the headrest and you’re ready to snooze! It has an adjustable buckle-strap that fits around the winged head support on planes OR cars. Our sleep-upright pillow for plane travel and road trip easily works for people of all heights by placing the strap from above or below the head support.
TRADEMARK & CUSTOMER SUPPORT YOU CAN TRUST — “SeatSleeper” is a registered trademark in the USA. If you have questions about your purchase, our reps will gladly answer. We guarantee your satisfaction or your full refund.

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