URBAN GARDENING: BIG HARVESTS IN SMALL PLACES: 2 BOOKS IN 1: Raised Bed Gardening And Container Gardening

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Do you want to make the most out of your small balcony or roof terrace?
Here are two manuscripts rolled up into one to give you all the needed information and details to grow your own herbs, vegetables, fruits, and decorative plants, even if you do not have a large yard.


RAISED BED GARDENING. A simple-easy-to follow guide to plan, build, and sustain thriving edible gardens even in small urban spaces. Square foot gardening included

CONTAINER GARDENING. A simple-easy-to follow guide for year-round flourishing edible and decorative gardens in pots, tubes, and other containers. Guideline to grow microgreens included

URBAN GARDENING. 2 BOOKS IN 1 will teach you:

• 101 Gardening

• Different types and methods of raised beds

• The basics of container gardening

• What, where and when to plant

• Planning and maintaining your small garden

• Plant care

• DIY and Troubleshooting advices

• Plants guide

• Plants care tips

• Bonuses: micro-greens, companion planting and square foot gardening

• Decorative plants

• Edible plants

…And much more

This book holds all the secrets you need. You will become CONFIDENT enough to cultivate organic food, even within your urban constraints.

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