Vacu Vin Wine Saver – Black | 1 x Vacuum Pump + 1 x Vacuum Wine Stopper & Vacu Vin 84042 Wine Saver Vacuum Stoppers, Set of 2 – Grey

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Vacu Vin Wine Saver – Black | 1 x Vacuum Pump + 1 x Vacuum Wine Stopper
Vacu Vin is a brand of Dutch Creative Brands and was founded in 1986. Vacu Vin is an international distributor of innovative wine related products for home and professional use, which are characterized by their practical use in daily circumstances. The Vacu Vin assortment distinguished by their originality, as well as their favourable price-to-quality ratio. Vacu Vin strives to keep its production within European borders and mainly within the Netherlands, which assures all Vacu Vin`s customers of high quality products. The assembly mainly takes place in the in-house social work facility in order to give people the possibility to recover their self-esteem and still be of great value for the society.
The Vacu Vin Wine Saver vacuum pump extracts air from the wine bottle and re-seal the bottle with a rubber stopper. The Wine Saver gives the user feedback with a ‘’click’’ sound when the vacuum is achieved. The Wine Saver is suitable for all non-sparkling wines. The vacuum seal will prevent the oxidation process which causes the deterioration of the wine. The design is highly durable and will tolerate regular prolonged usage. The stoppers can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher.
With this set you can save your precious wine for days!

Vacu Vin 84042 Wine Saver Vacuum Stoppers, Set of 2 – Grey
Alongside the Wine Saver Pump, the Vacuum Stoppers were the first product to be manufactured and distributed by Vacu Vin in 1986. The idea for the item emanated directly from the taste of spoiled wine – something that its inventors wanted to prevent once a bottle had been opened. Both gadgets have since won numerous international awards and are now used on a regular basis in millions of households throughout the world. The Vacuum Stoppers have been repeatedly imitated by numerous other companies, but the Vacu Vin model is still widely recognised as the market leader. The Vacuum Stoppers are designed to preserve the flavour and taste of wine via the creation of an airtight vacuum. This inhibits the oxidation process that is responsible for spoilage. The device is simply inserted into the neck of an opened wine bottle when required. Although they are most effective when used alongside Vacu Vin’s various Wine Saver Pumps, the Vacuum Stoppers can also be used in isolation. The Vacu Vin Stoppers are constructed from high-quality, food approved rubber that is dishwasher safe. They are extremely robust and will tolerate regular and prolonged usage. The cap on the top of the device can be removed in order to aid cleaning. As well as the traditional grey version, they can also be purchased in alternative bright colours (pack of 3: 1 x purple, 1 x blue and 1 x pink).

Product 1: Keep non-sparkling wine longer lasting
Product 1: ‘Click’ vacuum indicator when optimum vacuum is reached
Product 1: Highly durable product for prolonged usage
Product 2: Set of 2 Wine Saver Vacuum Stoppers (grey) – made from high-quality, food-approved rubber
Product 2: Can be used with or without Vacu Vin’s various award-winning Wine Saver Pumps
Product 2: Easy to insert after the cork has been removed from the bottle
Product 2: Preserves wine via the creation of an airtight vacuum

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