Wedgek Angle Guides for Sharpening Knives on Stone from 10 to 39 Degrees, Blue

Price: £29.90
(as of Oct 02,2022 16:10:43 UTC – Details)

Wedgek has three products:

Wedgek Blue – 10° to 20° Angle Guides for Sharpening on Stone
Wedgek Orange – 14°, 16°, 18°, 20° Angle Guides for Everyday Maintenance on Honing Rod
Wedgek Blue and Orange – value pack

Wedgek Blue:
– Angle consistency and repeatability.
– Correct angle for every knife.
– Replicate factory edge or better.
– Sharpen with confidence.

Wedgek Orange:
– Fits all round rods with diameter 3/8″ (9mm) and up.
– Ceramic rods are more effective.
– Apply only “feather weight” pressure.

Sharp knife – Happy life
– How to tie 2 guides together for angles up to 39 degrees.
– How to protect polished knife.
– Which stone to start with.
– Why to test sharpness after first stone.
– How to remove burr.
More sharpening tips in our Tutorial.

Simplicity of this product can be deceptive. For best results please read Tutorial first and follow it precisely.
Please let us know if anything is wrong. We’ll do whatever it takes to make it right.

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