World Cup 2022 LIVE: Harry Kane WON’T wear ‘OneLove’ armband; England vs Iran latest, Ronaldo speaks

By Shekhar Bhatia and Vivek Chowdhury in Doha

England fans expressed their concern that talisman Harry Kane, the captain, could miss some of the World Cup, if he carries out his wish to wear a rainbow coloured armband.

Alex Major, 20, from North London (PIC) said: ‘Good for Harry Kane, but if he gets booked in two games, he’ll be suspended and that’s too much of a price to pay.’

His father, John added. ‘I have been to a lot of world cups. But the excitement of this one is just not the same.

‘I admire Harry Kane for taking a stance. But I wouldn’t be very happy if we ended up missing the match.’

Paul, 68, from Hull, said: ‘If Harry Kane gets himself booked twice, because of the arm band, then I’m afraid I don’t agree with that. It’s about the team and their supporters and trying to win the trophy.’

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